Adjustable Beds: The Back Pain Remedy

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I don’t know about you, but I have suffered from back and neck pain ever since I was in elementary school. I really am not sure why, but I think it could have to do with my scoliosis.

My back pain got a whole lot worse when I went through my first pregnancy and I suffered from awful migraines day in and day out, not to mention serious back pain later on in pregnancy from carrying my son. My husband being a sweet man and wanting to help, came up with a back pain remedy and a way to help ease my pain. To my surprise it even helped take my migraines away!

Back Pain Remedy

At the time we could not afford an adjustable bed, but for a Christmas gift to ourselves he bought us a memory foam mattress that covers the top of our bed. Let me tell you, that was one of the best things we ever spent money on – it has been SO worth it! To this day we still love that foam mattress and it has helped both of us sleep a lot better.

Now that we have been married a little bit longer and have seen what we like and what we need, my husband and I have discussed purchasing an adjustable bed in the near future. It would definitely be an investment as my husband has Restless Leg Syndrome, and I still have back and neck pain occasionally. We think that an adjustable bed would be an even better step up from the memory foam mattress we have now.

As you can see from the infographic I posted above, regular mattresses can be quite painful and let me just tell you that with my curved spine I definitely look like that woman in the picture. My back curves deeply inward and without the memory foam to help form to my curves, it can be quite painful.

I was surprised to see from the inforgraphic how many people have trouble sleeping and how an adjustable bed can really help. It has only made me and my husband’s resolve stronger to save up our money and eventually purchase an adjustable bed.

I did some research and here are just a few beds you can choose from, should you decided that an adjustable bed is right for you!

We recently, went window shopping and looked around to see what kinds of adjustable beds are on the market. There are so many different kinds, and I think that what really matters is that they work for YOU. I was happy to see that many of them had some sort of memory foam on them because that is something I am not really willing to give up just yet. Hopefully, in time you too can purchase an adjustable bed and get a better night’s sleep!

What about YOU? What kind of bed do you sleep in? Is an adjustable bed something you would consider purchasing in the near future?

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  1. We have an adjustable bed and I cannot say enough positive things about it.
    I have back problems and this has helped so much. We started with a sleep
    number bed and that did the trick for about 10 yrs. My back has given me more
    and more grief and the adjustable bed was our next step. Worth every penny.
    My feet and ankles get swollen, I can raise them. I can get the pressure off my
    hips and tailbone. Find great positions for my neck.
    If your having any problems getting a good nights sleep because of back/neck/leg
    pain…try one of these out. Fantastic!
    I am sorry to hear you are having pain. Nobody should have to endure chronic
    back pain. Its really a hard thing to deal with day in and day out.
    Take care…get the bed asap!

  2. I’m 22 with Chronic Lyme Disease and received an adjustable tempurpedic for my 21st Birthday from my parents. Having swollen joints, feet/ankles, this has been a great investment for my health, I get to much relief raising my legs instead of clumpy pillows that flatten out or hurt my knees after a while. I also have a vibration option which helps blood circulation. Before, I was waking up with my legs and feet asleep, this was the beginning of paralysis due to Lyme. However, as soon as I started using my new bed I saw immediate results and it helped my insomnia. Many benefits!

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