God’s Timing

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God's Timing
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Military life has never been easy from what I’ve experienced.  I think the waiting is what is worst. Even budgeting has become easy for me throughout these past few years compared to the waiting game with our branch of service.

For us, we will be waiting until January to know if we are moving or not.  Kind of hard to write things in stone if plans may change before then.  Overall, I have loved the desert we are in.  Kind of not my usual area of the States but it’s grown on me.

No “big city” traffic to deal with, everything is within a reasonable distance and it is not so expensive to go out and enjoy a night out.  Our transition may be a “big city” within another desert area so I will have to learn different roads again, along with where is the nearest grocery store and library.  Yes, I do still go to the library.  I love checking out new books and movies without paying for it, since we are on a budget!  I’ve also learned that crock pot meals are great for those tight days before payday, it has lasted us longer than expected.  Of course, there are only two adults in our house, but we eat a lot!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to attend PWOC and have a job if possible in our new area.  God willing, we move within a reasonable time frame.  I can do the waiting game but there has to be some logic to the madness.

Have YOU ever had a time where it was hard to wait? What did you do to get through it?

Guest PostMy name is Aracely.  I have been married for over three years, and we have a crazy dog who is more like a horse at times!  My husband is currently in his 6th year in the military, but will be getting medically retired in the upcoming year.  I love blogging and if I could go back, I would have been an English major in college.  I am passionate about my faith and trying to learn new recipes that taste good. You can find my blog at www.faithhopelovelife.com.

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