Little Pnuts: Eco-Friendly Toys

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Little Pnuts ToysToday I am excited to tell you about “Little Pnuts” a toy service that delivers educational and eco-friendly toys to your door! They are a wonderful company that -for a small price- will deliver high quality toys 4 times a year. These toys will help your child’s motor skills and teach them coordination and concentration. Curious to know more? Here are some questions and answers from the company:

  • What’s our mission?: “Our eco-friendly toys get the kids off the couch and away from the TV – boosting their imagination and creativity, and challenging them during playtime. But still allowing them to have fun!”
  •  How are we different?: “Our eco-friendly toys do not have the bells, the lights, the music and the ‘do-it-for-you’ buttons.  They are organic, ecologically friendly, made of natural materials, and sustainable. They are multi-dimensional, constantly challenging children to get to the next level. They enhance gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and help develop focus and concentration.”
  •  Where do our toys come from?: “Our team of experts have carefully hand-picked toy brands in which to partner to ensure we are bringing the highest quality product to parents and children. The majority of our brand partners are in Europe, so their toys are not easily accessible here in the U.S. By going through Little Pnuts, parents have access to these unique toys.”
  •  How does it work?: “Each Little Pnuts package consists of 3 – 5 toys tailored for your child (from birth to 5 years old) and is delivered to your door four times per year. No more malls or toy stores.”

Eco-Friendly Toys

Little Pnuts Eco-Friendly Toys Review:

Eco-friendly toysI was happy to receive a box of “Little Pnuts” eco-friendly toys for my son, Adam and to review. When we got the box Adam was so excited to see what was inside and he wanted to play with them immediately!

We received 3 toys inside our box:

  • Discovery blocks
  • A Chunky Robot Puzzle
  • A Color Shape Sorter

The toys were very high quality and durable which, as a mom of a boy who can be very rough with toys,  made me happy. I also loved that there were so many different things to do with the toys besides what they were meant to do. Not only  was the robot puzzle a puzzle, but you could also mix and match the robots and stack them for play.

I really think this is a great company and some great toys. I love that it grows with your child as you can use their delivery system from birth to 5 years old. I think this is a great way to keep your little one stimulated and help them learn and grow through play!

Little Pnuts Toys

Want to know more?
Visit the “Little Pnuts” website or their other social media!

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