Zaria Forman: Gorgeous Sky and Sea Art

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Some of you might remember a blog post where I talked about what I like to do for fun. In the post, I talked about how I used to love to draw and I even posted several pictures of my drawings. I don’t draw anymore, but I do appreciate a good artistic drawing every once and awhile and I love to see how realistic they can be to a photograph or even the real thing!

Zaria Forman

Recently, I came across Zaria Forman, an artist who loves to draw beautiful and realistic pictures of the sky and sea. I was amazed at how incredibly real her drawings were and was drawn into viewing each and every one on her website and also on ArtStar.com where her art is currently being showcased. Her drawings are of places she has seen all over the world including Israel and Greenland. Her descriptions are so exotic and beautiful it makes me want to go and see these places she has drawn so I can see the incredible beauty she has depicted for myself.

I really encourage you to go and check out her beautiful drawings and If you are interested, you can view and buy affordable prints of Zaria’s beautiful art (framed or unframed) on ArtStar.com. If you are interested in looking at some other beautiful art prints, check out all the other artists on ArtStar as well.

Not sure what ArtStar is? It’s a website where you can collect and learn more about beautiful and affordable art from around the world. Drawings that are showcased there are the best of the best and definitely some of the most beautiful and breath-taking!


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