Demystified: What I Like to do for Fun

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Recently someone asked me what I liked to do for fun. I opened my mouth to give a quick reply, and stopped. In that moment, I felt like an idiot. I had absolutely no idea what I liked to do for fun! Sure I like to write, blog, and go on Facebook and Twitter, but I’m pretty sure that is not what this person meant when she asked.

It’s framed but I had to zoom in so it’s off.

Ever since that day, that question has haunted me. What do I like to do for fun? I know what I used to like to do. I used to have a whole list of hobbies and stuff I just loved doing, but the older I’ve grown the more I have grown out of those hobbies and onto something else.

So what did I used to like doing? Well one of my top things to do was draw. I used to like that almost as much as writing. I would write a story and draw pictures to go with it. I had several books and pads of paper filled with drawings and doodlings. In high school, we had an amazing art teacher named Mrs. Parker. She really brought out the best in my drawings, and I loved learning under her. She helped me with two different drawings for a regional school contest, and I actually placed on both of them. I got first place on the charcoal drawing and either second or third (don’t remember which) on the colored pencil one.

It’s framed but I had to zoom in so it’s off.

I also used to love to sew. My mom had an old sewing machine, and I don’t remember what got me into sewing, but one day I got it out, and a friend of the family came over and taught me how to use it. I made pillow cases, doll clothes, potpourri sachets, and more. I even made a few dresses with help from several ladies in my church, and entered them in the regional school contest as well. I places first and second on those.

The funny thing about both of those things was that after high school I lost interest. It was like I had reached where I wanted to go and that was it. I had a lot of people tell me I should major in art when I went to college, but that just wasn’t what I wanted to do. I felt that drawing had been fun, but the real talent was brought out by my teacher Mrs. Parker, and drawing just wasn’t the same anymore without her there to help me.

I also love and still do love volleyball and soccer. I played volleyball in high school and adored it! I still would love to play at the beach or anywhere if I knew enough people who wanted to play with me. I also have always loved soccer too. I played for fun at school, and would have played on a team if I could. That is probably one of the reasons why I hope Adam likes soccer. I think it would be so cute to watch him play something I enjoyed so much growing up!

1st dress I ever made.

I also dreamed for a long time of playing the piano. I took a few lessons, dabbled in notes and chords for a bit, but never really learned to play well. I also enjoyed singing, but singing at the top of your lungs in shower and in the car, doesn’t really count as anything special!

So what do I like to do for fun now that I am an adult? What are my hobbies? What do I like to do with my husband or on a day off? The answer? I’m still not sure! Most of the things I like to do require money, or getting a sitter. I used to love to bike ride and would love to get back into that, but that’s kind of hard when I have a little boy to watch. I love hanging out with friends, going shopping, going to the movies, and going out to eat, but all those things require money and sometimes a sitter as well. Sometimes I wish my parents had had enough money to push me into some direction either lessons of some kind or sports, but in a way I guess I can say I am well rounded because I have tried so many different things.

What about you? What do you like to do for fun? I would love to hear all about it!

2nd dress I ever made.

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  1. Great post! I'm pretty much in the same boat as you. I have lost interest in a lot of things. But I love to tap dance (dont really do it much anymore but still love it) I love to teach turbo kick, watch movies and read.


  2. That is kind of how I am as well. I'm not sure what I like to do for fun. I'm definitely a reader. I love reading. As for things with my husband, I love just being able to spend time with him. We do things that don't cost a lot of money. Normally, we get a few video games and play them for quite a while. We also just got Netflix, which is $8 a month and has movies, tv shows, documentaries. We watch a lot of that. We do things with Tank, our dog. If we had a four wheeler and a place to ride, we would do that often!!

  3. It's so hard to get back to what YOU like doing with little ones in the house! I hate that question too… whenever people ask me what I like to do for fun I want to reply with, "Fun? Doesn't that require some down time? Because I use my downtime to sleep… does that count?" 🙂
    Seriously though, I do like to read a lot and I'm not into TV (I rarely watch it at all) but I love the shows NCIS and Bones! So, I watch them online when I have the chance. I really liked this post!
    And your art is AMAZING girl!

  4. Kathryn, could you get a carrier or pull-behind thing for Adam to ride in so that you could keep biking? Just because he's little doesn't mean you can't take him with you!

  5. Wow those drawings are amazing. Skill lady! I think as we get older we all push those hobbies away. Doesn't have to be like that though. Just start implementing them back into your life in a way that works! 🙂

  6. I was just talking to my husband about this last night. I don't really know what I like to do for fun. Most of what I do, even the stuff I like, is for something else. I like to write, but that's for my job. I like planning and lists, but that's more for the sanity of the household. I like to read, but lately that's been more for learning about stuff like homeschool, writing, and couponing. Outside of going to the movies, I really don't know what I like to do for "fun" anymore. Something I need to rediscover for sure!

  7. Oh my gosh, I don't know what I like to do for fun either! I used to, but somewhere after kids life kinda got away from me. Guess I need to figure that out. 🙂

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