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I know this post is way overdue, and I have been trying to find time to sit down and write it. I mentioned a few reasons why I changed to a WordPress blog in my welcome post, but I never talked about the wonderful Courtney who designed this blog, and my wonderful husband who helped me pay for it. I will say that not once since changing to this blog, have I ever regretted it. It is the best decision I ever made!

For awhile I had been thinking about switching to WordPress, but I wasn’t sure how I could afford it. I knew I wanted Courtney with Media Mom Creative to do my new design, but the design and the hosting were pretty expensive. I wanted to do this, but I didn’t want to spare anything.  If I was going to do it, I was going to go all out and get everything I needed and wanted at once.

The wheels in my head were turning and I came up with a few ideas for how to pay for my new blog. My goal was to get it all done by January in the new year. Of course as you can see I did better than that! My ideas included asking my husband if my new blog could be a great big Christmas-Anniversary-Birthday present, since all three of those are within a month of each other. He said yes (because he’s awesome like that)! Then I set to work selling some stuff I didn’t need or want and raised some money to help out. We sold a couch, and a bunch of other things so that was a huge help! I am so happy  my husband was willing to do this for me. He knew how badly I wanted this, and he started doing things to help me get it too.

Courtney of course was a huge help as well! She was able to give me a few discounts here and there for doing certain things, and that brought the price down even further. She was also so much fun to work with. I found her blog, The Mommy Matters (then listed under a different name) a few years ago and have been following her ever since. When I heard she was going to start a design business I was excited. I loved her own blog designs and was glad she was going to be sharing her talent with others.

When I was ready to start, I filled out her design form. I already had talked to her a little bit about what I wanted and got some questions answered. But when I submitted that form it finally felt real. I was so excited to be doing this! I sent her pictures of what I wanted, picked out color schemes, and worked on a tagline. Lots of work to be done before my new blog could take shape.

Courtney was awesome through it all. She was patient even though I changed my mind more than a few times, and did not seem sure of what I wanted at times. I highly recommend getting a design by her. If you are considering switching to WordPress even a tiny bit, talk to her! She can give you some help, answer your questions, and walk you through what the process would be.

She also offers training sessions for different things, logos and branding, and design tutorials. This girl is talented and full of creativity! If you want to follow her around the web check it out here:

Courtney’s Blog: The Mommy Matters
Courtney’s Designs: Media Mom Creative
Courtney on Twitter: @CourtneyKirlkland
Courtney’s Facebook Pages: 


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  1. Courtney is pretty great isn’t she?! She recently did a blog critique for me and it was very helpful! Love your site and so glad you made the switch! I just made the switch back in October and am so happy with it 🙂 Yeah!

    1. Yes, I just love her! 🙂 I didn’t know she did blog critiques, that’s pretty cool. I made the switch in October as well, I would never go back. Thanks for commenting!

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