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Deployment Idea 2# – Scripture Verses *Free Printables!*

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When my husband first deployed, I had several friends give me Scripture verses that they thought would help or that had helped them when their husband has been deployed. The verses were helpful to me, and I was happy my friends cared enough to share them with me. Then a thought occurred to me. I could share these with my husband as well. I knew he needed encouragement just as much as I did, if not more!

I gathered some verses that are my favorite, one for Thanksgiving, and one from the book of Job, since that is my husband’s favorite and I made some graphics with them online. I enjoy designing stuff like this, and I enjoyed doing it for my husband and myself even more.

I then printed them out, took them to Office Depo, got them laminated, and cut them out. What you see in the picture on the left is about half of what I made taped to one of the bathroom mirrors in my house. When I was younger, I remember my mom taping verses to the bathroom mirror and around the house. I always loved that idea and have followed it through in my own house at times.

I plan on putting them in my next care package, and hopefully my husband will be able to hang them on the wall next to his bed (I sent him some tacks) or on the mirror. I think that it will be a huge encouragement to him to be able to see them every day. And even if your husband isn’t deployed, these are still great verses that you could use to hang on your mirror too!

Because I love my readers so much I decided to make the Scripture verse graphics available to you all to print out. All YOU have to do it get them laminated! Here is what they look like:





The ones are above are the smaller versions. They are much larger when you print them out. The ones above also have my website name on them, but when you print them out they will not have them on it. To print them out click here:

Scripture Verse Printables


Bonus idea:

Pinterest has tons of encouraging quotes and verses that would be perfect to send to your deployed husband or just hang on your mirror! What you can do is, save the photo to your computer. Open up a  Microsoft Word Document, insert the photo from Pinterest, and print! Don’t forget to laminate!

Have an idea for deployment that you think is awesome? Email me your idea at singingthroughtherain@gmail.com and if I like it I will feature it (and YOU) on my blog!

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  1. These are awesome! During our 2nd deployment a friend sent me a bunch of verses and I put them all over my house and inside my car. It was really helpful to me.

  2. What an awesome idea! I will definitely be printing these up as we prepare for our 3rd deployment! Thanks so much for sharing your story and the printables!

  3. WOW! Your website is a true answer to my prayers! A tender mercy for sure! My hubby isn’t deployed with the military. But he is away for one year going to an accelerated nursing program. I am here with our three little boys and he is there. Thank Heavens for Skype! But the behind the scenes are hard. I have been searching for ideas to keep us both uplifted and as romantic as possible when we are so far apart. Thank you so very much for taking the time to share your wisdom with us. I can’t wait to keep reading and getting more ideas. I also have to thank you with all of my heart for your willingness to share your husband with us for our country and the the betterment of our world. Words can’t express my feelings on your family’s sacrifice. Thank you and may you all be blessed, sustained, and protected. Thank you and God Bless!

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