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DIY Shadow Box for Your Deployment Letters

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Have you ever wondered what to do with the letters that you and your spouse write during deployment? I recently came across this beautiful DIY shadow box that is perfect for showing off the letters you both wrote and the love that was shared.

I saw a picture of this DIY project on the Facebook group White Walls, and I asked permission from the creator – Marianne to feature this on my blog. She said yes! Below are her instructions on how to make this keepsake to display in your home.

DIY Shadow Box

Beautiful DIY Shadow Box:

1. Go to Hobby Lobby (or a craft store of your choice), and buy a 10 x 13 inch shadow box, a 12 x 12 piece of patriotic scrapbook paper, and a small wood or cardboard word. I chose the word “love.”

2. Tape the scrapbook paper to the back of the shadow box frame.

DIY Shadow Box

3. Next, paint the wooden word that you chose. Optional: Add some glitter to make it pop!

Shadow Box

4. Tie up your letters into stacks. Separate your letters from your spouse’s into separate piles.

5. Stack the letters in the shadow box how you would like them (it might take a few tries to see what looks best). If you have a few that are larger then the rest you can stack them behind the smaller stacks.

Shadow Box Letters

6. Tuck the word you chose into the twine around the letters. If you have a better way of getting it to stay please do so at this time.

shadow box 11

7. Place the DIY shadow box on a shelf to display and enjoy.

DIY Shadow Box

Such a wonderful and romantic way to display your deployment letters! Have you ever made a DIY shadow box? Have you ever created a project to display your deployment letters? I’ve love to hear about it!

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  1. I absolutely love it. My boyfriend just graduated from the marines and this will be perfect to do with my letters..Thanks

  2. I love this project! I’m working on a blog of my own and my latest entry is about gift ideas for military service members and their families. Would you mind if I link this page there? Feel free to email me with any questions!

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