10 Reasons Special Needs Dads are Awesome!

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Father’s Day is coming up and I thought that now would be a good time to remember how awesome dads are, especially dads with special needs kids!

Moms in special needs families tend to get a lot of recognition for everything they do, and that’s great because they should, but special needs dads are awesome too. Here’s why!

Special Needs Dads

It’s Time to Celebrate the Special Needs Dads!

1. Special needs Dads don’t get care what people think about their kids or how they parent. They know they do what they do because it’s what’s best.

2. Special needs dads learn to adapt and overcome.

  • I think special needs dads mourn the loss of “normal boy” things when they have boys with special needs. Most men dream of playing catch in the yard or teaching their child about their favorite hobby. Special needs dads find something else they can do with their child instead. Just like us moms.” – Jenny

3. Special needs dads know how to handle the craziness. The craziness of our children and the craziness of us moms too!

4. Special needs dads are strong. They are strong both physically and emotionally.

  • “I know my husband and I both get discouraged, but he hides it well. I feel that dads are the rock on those especially bad days. They are quiet during appointments, but will tell the doctor how it is when something needs to be said.” – Sarah

5. Special needs dads know how to hold down the house when mom has to be away for extended hospital stays or therapy appointments.

6. Special needs dads are patient and understanding.

7. Special needs dads work hard for the whole family.

  • “Special needs dad tend to have it harder than moms I think. They have to work a lot to pay the bills, sometimes even working two jobs. They miss all the appointments and have to hear any news second-hand from us later.” – Lindsay

8. Special needs dad know when we need that break or when we need extra help.

  • “Because even though it means he does not get much time to fish he still takes the kids. Because he tries hard to help me on days we have therapies or nights when I feel like a failure.” – Pam

9.  Special needs dads find ways to “see” and love their child beyond their challenges.

  • “The ability to love their children even though they can’t relate to their friends or co-workers who brag about their kids getting home runs, being the best on the team, or even simply being able to have a normal family outing. Being okay with the fact that their family life will never be what everyone knows as “normal.” – Jenn

10. Special needs dads still stick around even when the going gets tough.

Dads have it tough too. Read more about special needs dads and what they go through at What You Don’t Realize About the Dad Behind the Diagnosis. What are some ways your husband has been an awesome special needs dad, I’d love to hear it!


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