100+ Tailwind Tribes You Need to Join Today!

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If you’re a blogger, you’ve probably heard about Tailwind by now. I made a Tailwind account several years ago, but it wasn’t until this year that I started to really use it and discover how awesome it is! Between their awesome Pinterest-approved scheduler and the Tailwind Tribes (in beta), this site is an incredible source for growing your blog!

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

What is Tailwind?
Tailwind is so much more than a way to schedule your pins. You can also discover content, help out other bloggers by pinning their content, launch promotions, and get amazing statistics to analyze your Pinterest account with!

What is a Tailwind Tribe?
Tailwind Tribes are kind of like Pinterest Group Boards. You can join a tribe based on the topic or niche you are looking for. You DO NOT have to have a Tailwind account to join a Tribe, but it definitely helps!

When you join, you will be able to add your pins to each tribe and the bloggers who are in that tribe will be able to add that pin into their tailwind queue and it will be added to your schedule.

You will also need to add content from that tribe into your schedule or to your Pinterest account. Tailwind will keep track of how many pins you have contributed and how many pins you’ve shared to your account from the tribe. You always want your shared numbers to be higher than the number of pins you’ve contributed to that tribe.

This is such a great way to find new bloggers, network, find and pin other content that isn’t just your own, and grow your own numbers on Pinterest and back to your blog! Want a free one-month trial? Click Here.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Ready to Join Some Tailwind Tribes?
Before you do, there are a few things you need to know!

  1. Follow the rules. Each tribe will have its own rules. Make sure you read and follow these rules or you could be removed from the tribe.
  2. The majority of the tribes request that you only pin vertical pins and/or high-quality content. Please keep this mind, especially when pinning older content.
  3. Some of the Tailwind Tribe links below are direct links to join. Others lead to specific posts in Facebook groups where you will have to comment with your email in order to join.

Tailwind Tribes

75 Tailwind Tribes for Bloggers

All Topics (11)

Marriage (2)

Military Spouse (2)

Recipes & Food (18)

Parenting (11)

Baby & Kids (7)

Blogging & Business (4)

Books (3)

TailwindTravel (10)

Faith (4)

Fashion (4)

Money & Finances (3)

Homeschooling (5)

Home (10)

DIY & Crafts (7)

Miscellaneous (7)

What do YOU think? Are you on Tailwind? 

If you would like to add your Tailwind Tribe to this list, please contact me here.

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  1. I have never heard of “Tailwind tribes” but now I have, thank you! I am so glad to have read this post. I have been spending this weekend setting up my Pinterest account for my Blog and wondering how one gets to join these groups. I will have to check it out…

    1. Hey Danielle,
      Yes, I was contacted by Tailwind to fix the links. I need the share link from each admin because copying and pasting it apparently doesn’t work. Could you send me the share link for yours?

    2. I’m excited to join these tribes once the links have been fixed, as I can’t join any of them either! I’d love to be included in this list as well. I have a brand new Tribe called “Moms the Word” and it’s for all things mom! Here’s the link to join: https://www.tailwindapp.com/tribe/join?d=eyJpdiI6ImVVUVBxUVwvM2FvaVRSTmJvSjFIdzR3PT0iLCJ2YWx1ZSI6IlNJNGdZTjdCRG5BTWFUNTFreWxGanhFRUtoTFpRZzEyVytoZU1NQjJjdFd2WDFraVU5YlQzbkVxVXVLRVh0MzgyXC9QSWc5aGFGMW42bTQ2Wkxuakl3cDVcL20rdWduYW50bGRcL0R6YU0rak1RPSIsIm1hYyI6ImI2MmYyMWNjMjgyZWEyM2FjZThiNDUyZGZjYzIxZmViYjUzMDBkNzQzZDZjZGQxNDljZTQwMzA5NGZlNmIzYzMifQ%3D%3D

  2. Thanks, this is so helpful! I’ve been using tailwind for almost a year now but had no idea about the power of tribes. So excited to give it a whirl.

    Do you have the fixed link to the weddings tribe/group? Thanks!

      1. Thanks Kathryn for the update! Doh, the link is still not working. What is the name of the group so that I can look it up on facebook? Thanks!

          1. The weddings link in the article and the one you provided in the comments says unauthorized viewing. It doesn’t work 🙁 Would you be able to provide the FB group name and I’ll look it up? Thanks so much.

  3. Hi, Thanks for the tip about the tribes, I didn’t know about them.
    Can you recommend (or tell me where to find) yoga, meditation, life coaching tribes? Thank you very much in advance!

  4. Hey Kathryn, thanks for sharing these, we have joined a few boards and are finding them really useful. We have also started our own tribe for people passionate about personal development, self improvement, positivity, happiness, consciousness, LOA, success, quotes, spirituality, wellness… Here is the invitation link, anyone in this space is welcome https://www.pinchmeliving.com/tailwindtribe Thanks

  5. Hi
    I started a tribe for small businesses
    Things to share:
    – Your Products
    – Other People Products
    – Blog posts about running a small business
    – Social Media tips in relation to running a small business (including blogging)

    Link: https://www.tailwindapp.com/tribe/join?d=eyJpdiI6Im81YUNCejBjM0tDTEFRNmRTK2NjMnc9PSIsInZhbHVlIjoieWVFRm5WQXJiQVNBWXJObEsycGpRMVQ5XC8zVnpMemdKRHlKeFEyZmlMQTF5SVdDNlRRK2xsVkV4VlVmZUlFRWsyNFNUMldrNmFLamJySzY2NUMrenE3QlBibWpBck9sclJxK2JNcHBWOHFZPSIsIm1hYyI6IjM1YmZjMDJlZGNmODY2MjU0ODlmNGFkNDFkM2M5NzA2MzA0YWE1MjYwYjc1MzBlYzU3ZmIyNTZiMDdlMWRjODcifQ%3D%3D

    I would love to be added to the list.

  6. Hi Kathyrn,

    I was actually looking for some Tribes to join. I joined one and bookmarked this page so I can join some others later.

    Thanks for sharing, made my job easier than browsing the Internet or looking on Facebook Groups.

    Have a great one.

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