Snackwell’s Caramel Popcorn

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I don’t usually do reviews like this, but Amazon.com asked me to be a part of their Amazon Vine Program which means I get to pick things I want to keep from off a list and then I have to review it. I don’t have to review these things on a blog just on Amazon.com, but I thought if it was a good product I would start reviewing certain things on my blog too! Hopefully you all like to know about new, fun and interesting products as much as I do!

I don’t know anything at all about Snackwell’s products, but I assumed since it had information about how many calories were in it right on the front, that it was some kind of low fat, ok-to-eat-while-you’re-dieting snack! I also thought this would be a great snack for moms on the go since you can just grab a pack and go!

Review :
I got this snack, not knowing quite what to expect, as I had never tried a Snackwell’s product before. I was surprised at how delicious they were! Each pack carried just enough to quell my hunger for something quick and sweet. Even though these are marketed as a low fat snack, they don’t taste like it at all. This is something I would definitely buy again, and it makes me want to try other Snackwell products as well. The only thing I thought of is that you could probably save money by making these yourself as all you need is caramel popcorn and chocolate!

I give this snack:

Doesn’t it just make you hungry?

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