Thoughts About Turning Twenty-Five

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Today is my birthday and yes, I am turning 25. I will be honest. I am not that excited about turning 25. I know I know… one day I am going to look back and wish I was turning 25 again. It seriously feels like my 24th birthday was last week. And the funny thing is, almost every time someone asked me how old I was over the past year I kept thinking I was 23!

You remember when you were 6 years old or maybe even 8 years old and 25 felt like millions of years away? Well now I’m like, “25? Me??” I never would have thought! I feel like it’s impossible. I mean 25 is only 5 years away from 30! I can’t do 30. I am seriously scared of 30. It’s like that’s the age everyone knows you are getting older. You aren’t getting any younger and there’s nothing you can do about it. Someone please tell me they feel the same way.

In all seriousness though I am so thankful for another year of life, another year with my wonderful family and friends, and another year to serve the God I love. The past 25 years haven’t been the easiest, but I am definitely blessed. It makes me wonder what the next 25 will be like.



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  1. Your post made me smile, speaking as an “old” woman at the age of 32. I loved being 25. I guess because I finally felt okay being an adult, people started to treat me like an adult (because I wasn’t married people thought they should treat me like I was 16 and often implied I wasn’t responsible.) I remember one mom not letting me chaperon a teenage party but would let the youth pastor’s wife who was barely 22 chaperon!
    I guess at 25 I started to feel not so overwhelmed at being an adult, it is still scary but I guess I had made enough mistakes to not be so scared any more. Enjoy being 25, I promise 30 isn’t so bad either 🙂

    1. haha I am so sorry! I am not saying that everyone in their 30’s is old, just that I am starting to feel old! That is crazy that people have treated you that way. I never really had any experiences like that so I guess I am kinda lucky from what everyone is saying. I’m glad 30 isn’t too bad! 😉 Thanks for commenting!

  2. first off happy birthday!!!

    I know how you feel about 30, I feel the same way, though it is a little farther off for me. but on the same note, getting older makes people respect you a little more as a person, and not assume that you don’t know what you are talking about because you are “only” 20 something…I’m looking forward to that aspect of it, but it is still scary to me too.


    1. Yeah I know what you mean, but I guess I have not really experienced that that much. I feel like most people in my life have respected me anyways… but maybe I have not noticed.

  3. Happy birthday!

    I totally know how you feel! When I look in the mirror I still see an 18 year old me. Okay, maybe a 21 year old me but definitely not a 29 year old! I feel the same way about turning 30 that you do 25!

    I hope your 25th year is nothing short of amazing!

  4. Happy Birthday Kathryn! Haha, guess you’ll have to update the age in your profiles 😉 Anyway, my Mom always asks us kids if we feel any older on our birthdays. Of course we always say no, but this year I kinda did. Yes, I’m only sixteen, but still… it’s like that’s the first major milestone birthday or something. It was weird.
    Also, I can’t wait for tonight. 🙂 Isn’t it awesome that our birthdays are in the same month?

    1. Thanks girl! Yeah I really do need to do that huh? Yeah I know what you mean about 16 I remember that birthday and i remember that was the one I had “waited” for my whole life haha! I had a blast with you guys, thanks for taking me out. 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday first of all!
    For me personally, I’m not really dreading any birthdays of my own. Although 25 sounds nice since that’s when society finally starts to believe you’re an adult. I think Emberlynn’s birthdays are harder. My hubby will turn 25 this year and that’s a little hard to believe, especially since I’ve known him since he was 18. I’ll only be 23. But the hardest part for me is that my baby will be 2. She’s growing up entirely too fast.

  6. Happy belated Birthday! I’m still trying to come to terms with being 25 {and now I’m closer to 26 lol} but in the end, like you said, in spite of the freak out, I am thankful for every year! For now, just think of it as a 4th anniversary of you 21st lol Makes it seem less stressful!

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