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I am so excited to be talking to you today about Daddy Dolls inc. or what you may also know as “Hug a Hero.” I was contacted and asked to review and giveaway a daddy doll from their site and was so excited. Believe it or not it was kind of an answer to prayer! I had really wanted to get one for my son, but it was kind of expensive for us to spend right before a deployment, and it had been so hectic that my husband never had a chance to take a picture of himself.

Well imagine my surprise when over Christmas, I got the email asking if I would like a free one! I immediately emailed my husband and told him he had to have someone take a head-to-toe shot of him for the doll. As soon as I got his picture, I went to the website to order one.

The website was very simple and easy to use. I was very surprised by all the different products they have, as they don’t just have daddy dolls, but also dog tags, puzzles, stuffed animals, mugs, and blankets!

My son’s daddy doll is the 17 inch one-sided doll. I was able to pick the fabric choice for the back of his doll, which is the Air Force uniform print. There are also many other options to choose from, some which include non-military designs.

I was happy to find out the doll IS machine washable- with kids you just never know when you might need to wash it. Also I found out that they are able to add a voice recorder, which I did not do, but I think that it’s a pretty cool option.

After that, I was able to upload my photo -which I was worried about not looking right since my husband only had his ipad with which to take a picture with since he is deployed. But I didn’t need to worry because it came out great! I love that they white out the background of the photo automatically so no matter what might be in the background you won’t see it on the doll.

I’m not really sure how long it took to ship because I was away for month over Christmas, but I was very happy to have it waiting for us at home when we got there! If you get the chance, visit the website. They have a photo gallery of happy kids and their daddy dolls which I enjoyed looking at and they also have a section of tips to: Help Beat the Separation Blues.

Here is my son enjoying his daddy doll when I first gave it to him. He is at the age where is constantly in action so the photos are a little blury, but here is what I got!

Cute huh?

So now for the giveaway… This giveaway is not just for military families, I asked and they told me that anyone who is missing someone (or their child) can enter the giveaway to win one daddy doll. So here is how to enter:

Leave a comment telling me who you or your child is currently missing and why a daddy doll would help them.

Bonus entries: (1 separate comment each or they will not count)

1. Visit daddydolls.com and come back and leave a comment with what other product you think would be cool to get.
2. Share this giveaway on Facebook and leave a comment telling me.
3. Share this giveaway on Twitter and leave a comment telling me.

Contest Ends: January 24th and winner will be announced the next day.

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  1. Shared this on my facebook page as I have many friends whos hubbs and moms deploy I think It would also be great to have the Dog tag or the deployment buddies

  2. Currently my kids are not missing someone but soon my husband their father will be on deployment to Africa. We have 6 amazing kids ages 10, 7, 5, 3, 2 and 8 months. The 5 oldest are boys and our youngest is a girl! 🙂 this will be his 3rd deployment , and I believe this daddy doll would help our family out during this time. 🙂

  3. I would love to win one for my daughter. We weren’t able to get one for this last deployment, but there are more deployments coming and I know she would love having a daddy doll to help ease her missing daddy blues!

  4. I really like the photo pillows and the photo dog tags! When she is older it would be nice to get her a special dog tag with daddy’s picture to wear since mommy also wears a special necklace while daddy is gone!

  5. I know my son would enjoy having a daddy doll. This is our second deployment and we
    still havent gotten one. My husband also deploys a lot so I know it would go to good use.
    The other product that looks cool is the voice recorder option!

    Im sharing this on facebook also.


  6. We are about to have our first deployment. With 3 little ones we will have lots of missing Daddy at our house. We would be quite happy with a basic Daddy doll but of course I’ll have get 3 of them. Some things would be hard to share. 🙂

  7. My husband, and father of our three kids ages 10,8,3, will be deploying next month. My heart aches for my kids to think how much they will miss him as I remember the last deployment, just over a year and a half ago. Winning one of these would be awesome for them. I may need one too!! Oh and great blog by the way! 🙂 I am glad a friend told me about it!

  8. My husband was just deployed last year and can be sent for another deployment anytime now. The seperation was extremely hard on my son. 🙁

    I shared this on FB and Twitter!

  9. my kids are missing there daddy, the older four have done 8 deployments but we are in the process of adopting 2 little boys (we have had them 7 months) and they have never seen him leave and have separation anxiety. I am very nervous about how they are going to deal with this deployments

  10. I think that the Big Dadday Doll is very neat. My kids love their Daddy Doll they have and helped on his last deployment and this one. My husband and I would like to get them a Daddy Doll of their Paw Paw. He passed away last month and this would be a good thin for them to have him with them when they are missing him.

  11. While my kids are not missing their daddy right now we do need a another daddy doll in this house. My daughter got her doll back in 2007 when my husband first deployed….she has been sleeping with it ever since. Now that my son is older and getting into her stuff, he is severely mentally and physically delayed, he takes her daddy doll. My son is non-verbal but when he sees that daddy doll he babbles and laughs with it. Of course sister gets mad at him and takes the doll away and hides it. SOOO my son needs his own daddy doll, he loves his sisters daddy doll but she will not let it out of her sight.
    WIll share on facebook and two of my groups..don’t have twitter.

  12. I am currently missing my best friend who is also my husband. He is deployed to Afghan right now, and its been rough with him being gone. We did everything together, so his absence is felt greatly in every single second of every single day. So proud of my corpsman risking his life for our country and to protect his fellow Marines.

  13. Our 4 yr old daughter Jaida and her little brother/sister on the way are missing there Daddy like crazy. Jaida and Shane are the defintion of Daddy’s Little Princess. She cries for him daily, prays for him every morning and night, and talks about him constantly. I recently found out about Daddy’s Dolls from my ob/gyn and I would love to win one for all of us!!

  14. photo puzzles are such an amazing and creative gift idea. my four yr old and I do puzzles all the time. to show her a puzzle with her daddy on it….would blow her mind!!

  15. My 2 little ones are missing their Daddy and would love one! Especially my 3 year old son who is lost without his dad around. 🙁

  16. My boys are 2 and 4 and are always missing their daddy. My husband is in the Air Force and goes on trips and deployments frequently. I love the idea of the daddy dolls. I looked at their website and really liked the big daddy dolls. We would love to win one.

  17. I have 3 young daughters 4, 2, and 4 months. My husband just deployed for his 6 month tour to Afghanistan. I looked up the Daddy dolls and they are quite expensive. To win a free one would be so amazing! Instead of having to pay at least $75, I would only have to pay for 2. When a spouse is deployed finances can be tight enough. This would be such a blessing for my little girls.

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  19. Hello. I wanted to enter for a free daddy doll my husband is currently on his 3rd deployment to afghanistan we have a 2 year old little boy who adores his daddy and is missing him so much I have tried my best to keep pictures around the house and put one in his room so he wont forget what daddy looks like I think a daddy doll would be great for him to have to take with him everywhere he really is having a hard time with this deployment now that he understands them more we are about 3 days into the deployment and he would really love a daddy doll to sleep with everynight to always have his daddy close 🙂

    1. Hi Tasha,
      This giveaway ended several months ago, but you can still order one from the site in the link above! Good luck and let me know if you have anymore questions!

  20. Hubby will be deploying soon for the third time and we are planning on getting one for each of our daughters. Only having to pay for one would be a huge help and blessing to us.

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