I Need Your Best Valentine’s Day Ideas!!

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“Every Valentine’s day I have trouble coming up with something new and exciting to do. What should I get him this year? What should I do? Do I even have enough money to do something? This year I started browsing around looking for something, anything different we could do. I still am not quite sure exactly what I want to do, but this year I am definitely not short on ideas. And I wanted to share some of the best with YOU!”

That is what I wrote last year for my 2011 Valentine’s Day Guide. Since then it had been one of my most popular posts – especially now that we are a month out from Valentine’s Day. Over the past year I have slowly been compiling more ideas for this year’s 2012 Valentine’s Day Guide. Except this year, is a little different. I need YOUR help!

I need your favorite ideas for Valentine’s Day. Either stuff to do with the kids, something special you did with your husband, or even something you want to try sometime. You don’t even have to submit your own idea, you can submit an idea that someone else has posted, that you just love (just be sure to mention where you got it from so I can give them credit).

The ideas I use will be featured in the 2012 Valentine’s Day and I will add your name and blog link as well if you have one. Some ideas I am looking for:

  • Valentine’s Day gift ideas
  • Websites with good ideas
  • Marriage books
  • Marriage websites
  • Date night ideas
  • Ways to surprise your spouse
  • Military Valentine’s Day ideas -care packages etc.
  • And anything else you can come up with that you would love to see featured!

You can submit your idea in the comments below or you can email me at singingthroughtherain@gmail.com. Thanks and be sure to come back and check out this year’s guide when it’s up!

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  1. One thing that I have wanted to do every year and I might just do it this time, is a note a day starting on Feb 1st until Feb 14th.

    1. Love it! I might be able to do that as a care package or letter idea as well. One letter in the mail for each day leading up to Valentine’s day! 🙂 Awesome idea!

  2. Our first Valentine’s Day as a married couple we went and got a couples massage. It was so wonderful I decided it should be “tradition” since massages can be kind of pricey it made sense to at least have one day of the year to look forward to one! However, I will admit that by the third year we were unable to get one and we didn’t last year either, but I still stand by the idea and say it’s a good one. haha. Maybe this year I’ll get a nice little surprise from the husband in the couples-massage department.

    1. Love this! I have never had a couple’s massage but I think it would be soo much fun! You will have to let me know if you get one this year! 😉

  3. My very romantic husband takes me to a HOG auction sponsored by 4-H. They serve a pork dinner and auction off the hogs they have been raising. Later to add to the love of it all the hog is sent to the butcher and then the meat in pilled into my freezer to remind me of LOVE all year long. LOL

  4. Joe was deployed for Valentine’s Day last year, so I sent him a care package… I made a little scrapbook of “10 things I love about you,” complete with pictures of us from his R&R. I think this was his favorite thing from that package. I also made him some cookies and a cake in a jar. I sent the icing and sprinkles (just in case, lol ;)) as well, but I didn’t put them in the jar. I sent him a card and a few other things too, but I can’t remember them all right now. I could SWEAR I blogged about it, but I can’t find the post. But, that’s what I did last year. Hope that gives you a little bit of an idea!

    I don’t know what I’m going to do for him this year, though. It was almost easier when he was deployed! =P

  5. Valentines if one of my favorite holidays when it comes to decorating! I saw a really cute idea on this blog It is definitely worth a look. href=”www.drivenbydesign.blogspot.com”>go to design page

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  7. HI, one of best ideas is the day before V-day. go to sleep together and than wake up at night and decorate room or dining room quietly with rose petals and roses, chocolates, notes on heart shape paper, and make or buy cookies decorate them and have them ready for breakfast. In the morning serve him breakfast and in the evening go for a walk or restaurant and than decorate bathroom with red lights or candles and rose petals everywhere and fill bathtub with water and bubbles…. and than of course give love to your husband….

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  9. My dear amazing friend who lives in Canada loves Valentines and has been trying to convince me to like it for years. Her amazing husband goes all out with flower petals from her bed while she is still sleeping in the morning all the way out to where ever he has her present and a bunch more roses. There are letters and gifts that are just for her and then one for their daughter. She has said that her husband is showing in a visual way how to love your wife to theri sons and how as a wife you should be loved by your husband to their daughter. Of couse he does other things through the year, but goes all out (even in the frozen tundra of Canada, where roses are hard to find). I love it, even though I’ve been a hater for years on Valentines, I’m starting to warm up to it because of those two.

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