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Making the Most of Christmas with Your Spouse

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A lot of people talk about how to get through the holidays and especially Christmas while a family member is deployed, but I wanted to touch on a different subject: making the most of the holidays when your spouse IS home. My husband’s first deployment was last year and he missed Thanksgiving, Christmas, our Anniversary, my birthday, and Easter! Next year he will be deploying again and he will miss almost all the same things.

While Christmas was very hard with him away, I wanted to take this year to focus on the good: having him home. My question this Christmas has been how can I make the most of the time we have together? Here are a few things to do if this is a rare Christmas you get to spend with your spouse!

Don’t Worry About Making it Perfect, Just Make it Special!
For me, I realized that no Christmas is going to be perfect. I don’t need to stress about it because it doesn’t have to be perfect, just special! Spend time as a family, enjoy each other’s company and do things that you don’t normally do. Ask your spouse what they would like to do on their special Christmas at home. Find out what things they missed on previous Christmases they were away and try to do those things for them this year.

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Making the Most of Christmas with Your Spouse

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