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How to Pull Off a Romantic Valentine’s Day Date

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The men in our lives face a lot of pressure to make Valentine’s Day a wonderful occasion, and I think it’s high time us ladies returned the favor! I’ve broken down the things you’ll need to pull off a romantic Valentine’s Day date and show your special guy just how much you love him. From thoughtful gift ideas to experiences he won’t soon forget, this February 14th is set to be the most romantic holiday you’ve ever had!

How to Pull Off a Romantic Valentine's Day Date for Your Husband

7 Suggestions for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Date

1. A Weekend Away
Have you been talking about going on vacation together? Take the reins and plan a little weekend getaway! Maybe you book an Airbnb a few towns over and spend the weekend wine tasting, or perhaps you book a nice hotel downtown for a stay-cation that won’t break the bank but feels like an oasis all the same.

Give him a heads up to keep the weekend free for a fun Valentine’s Day date, but don’t give him any more details than that. You can even pack him a bag to really keep your plans a secret and have everything packed and ready to go when he gets home from work.

2. An Unexpected Activity
If you really want to make his jaw drop, consider giving him the gift of a memory instead of something material. Sites like www.cloud9living.com offer “experience gifts”, with options ranging from a day in a NASCAR speedster to a sunset spent above the clouds inside a hot air balloon. If your hubby is a daredevil, most of these options are sure to get his adrenaline pumping during a Valentine’s Day date!

3. Pamper Him
Whoever said that pampering was just for us ladies? Our guys work hard, and they deserve to take a load off at the end of the day. If your hubby isn’t comfortable getting a massage from a stranger, create a luxurious spa in the comfort of your own home and become his personal masseuse. Use massage oils and help rub the tension out of all of his muscles—fingers crossed he returns the favor!

4. It’s the Thought that Counts
When it comes time to find him the perfect gift, think thoughtful first. What’s more thoughtful than customizing something just for him? Grab a personalized present that explains your love for him, caters to his interests, and will remind him of you every time he sees it hanging in the home or office.

5. A Living Room Picnic
Valentine’s Day tends to be a chilly occasion, and if you want to heat things up by staying out of the cold, plan your Valentine’s Day date in the confines of your own home. Push all of the furniture out of the way, set up cozy blankets on the ground, light a fire, and have a picnic right on the carpet. If you’re really feeling inspired, harken back to your youth and create a fort that you and your hubby can crawl under. Sweet and inexpensive, you can cook or make it easy and get a meal delivered by using a company like Seamless.

6. Dress to the Nines
Even if you plan an at-home date, get ready for your man. Pull out all the stops, don that red lipstick you’ve been dying to try, and pull out that little number from the back of your closet that you know he loves. If there’s any night to vamp up your look, it’s this one.

7. Hand off the Kids
If you’ve got kids, make sure you make a plan for someone to take care of them that night. Your Valentine’s Day date should be a romantic occasion for your husband and you to reconnect and focus on each other, so ask the grandparents if they’re ready for a babysitting session or hire a trusted teen to watch them for you that evening.

This will give you and your spouse the chance to truly focus on each other without any outside distractions, an opportunity that’s hard to come by with the everyday stresses of jobs and kids and all the things life throws our way.

Valentine’s Day tradition would have your hubby pulling out all the stops, but you can really wow him this year and turn the tables. Our guys deserve a little bit of spoiling, too, and you’re sure to surprise him by handling all of the planning for this February holiday!

What do you like to do for your Valentine’s Day Date? What will YOU do for you husband this Valentine’s Day?

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