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Influencer Marketing for Dummies + Giveaway

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Note: I received a free copy of Influencer Marketing for Dummies to write this post.

I am so excited about this blog post because I love talking about influencer marketing. I have been blogging and doing work with social media for almost seven years now and I love how much it has grown and how much I have learned.

Marketing can actually be fun and I have learned that when it comes to influencer marketing I really enjoy it and I am good at it.

So What is Influencer Marketing Anyways?

Influencer marketing is the art and science of engaging people who are influential online to share brand messaging with their audiences in the form of sponsored content.” – From the book,  Influencer Marketing for Dummies

While celebrity endorsements have always been used, now in the world of bloggers, e-books, and social media, there is an open door for anyone with a large online area of influence to market as well. Not only can someone grow a following where people trust what they have to say, but they can use this to their advantage by talking about products and companies that they love and trust.

Due to the fact that I am a blogger that averages 400,000 pageviews a month with a pretty good social media following as well, I would be considered an influencer and so would many other bloggers. But there is an art to influencer marketing and that is what the bookInfluencer Marketing for Dummies is really all about.

Influencer Marketing for Dummies

 My Review:

I really enjoyed reading this book. While much of this book are things I already know, I really liked being able to read it from the perspective of those who plan on approaching people like me (and other bloggers) to get them to market their product or company.

I wish I could give this book to everyone I work with in influencer marketing campaigns because I think this would help so many people know how to work with bloggers and social media influencers. There are so many times where I will turn down opportunities because of the way I was approached or because the campaign manager didn’t know what they were doing.

To be honest, I was shocked with the amount of incredible info that is in this book. I am not sure what I was expecting, but it extremely thorough covering pretty much everything needed to know about influencer marketing and how it works.

I won’t list every single topic covered, but here are some areas that I loved and am so glad this book touched on!

  • Influencer marketing 101.
  • The beginning of marketing and influencer marketing. (This really breaks it down bit by bit.)
  • The power of women in influencer marketing. “Women influence up to 90% of purchasing decisions.”
  • Blogger Influence.
  • Social media influencing and the top five social media channels that are the best. (There’s a chapter on each one!)
  • Measuring campaign success and sales.

There are 20 chapters filled with information for both influencers and those who want to work with influencers. If you are a blogger who would like to learn about influencer marketing and how to do it right so you can make money with your blog or if you are a someone who would like to learn more about working with online influencers, then this book is for you!

Remember: “It seems perfectly reasonable and logical for a marketer to want to go after the ‘biggest’ influencers they can find, but big doesn’t mean relevant.” Anyone can be an influencer.


Winner must be age 18+ and a resident of the US. Giveaway ends on January 21st and winner will be notified by email.
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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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