Daddy Doll Winner!

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First, I want to say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone’s comments. I wish that I could give a Daddy Doll to each and every child who wanted one. Second, I want to thank you all for entering and sharing this giveaway with your friends.

Now for the winner. There was 44 entries and number 32# was the entry picked by

Number 32# was Tracy Dixon. Tracy says:

“Our 4 yr old daughter Jaida and her little brother/sister on the way are missing there Daddy like crazy. Jaida and Shane are the defintion of Daddy’s Little Princess. She cries for him daily, prays for him every morning and night, and talks about him constantly. I recently found out about Daddy’s Dolls from my ob/gyn and I would love to win one for all of us!!”

Tracy, thank you for entering I will be emailing you soon with the details!

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