I Used to be Afraid of…

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Yes, contacts. The little round disks you put in your eyes.

I used to have this insane fear of putting things in, near, or around my eyes. Not sure why, but I did. 

I started off with glasses when I was around 12 or 13 years old. The doctor said I only needed them sometimes. Usually when watching tv, or trying to see something far away. I was very excited. I couldn’t wait to show off my new glasses to all my friends. I was so excited, I wore them a lot more than I needed to. At school, around the house, and here and there.

Then the newness wore off. I started not to like wearing my glasses. By that time, I had another visit to the eye doctor, and I was needing them a lot more now. But I wore them even less. Sure, I would wear them when I was watching tv, and sometimes at night when I was home, but I really didn’t want to wear them at school.

Then, my eyes got even worse. Probably from the strain of trying to see from time to time. The doctor told me I needed to wear them all the time, except when reading. What a pain, I thought. I still didn’t listen, but I had a really hard time seeing things.

Around this time two girls in my class – sisters who had always worn glasses, got contacts. It was pretty cool. We would watch them put them on in the bathroom mirror at school, but inside I would just grimmace. How could they just stick something in their eyes like that?? I asked them about it, and they told me it was a piece of cake. No big deal! I disagreed.

I had been on the volleyball team at school, and now I started to not be able to see when the ball was coming to me. In my heart, I refused to wear my glasses. Plus, it really didn’t make sense to wear them since I would be running around a lot and didn’t want them to fall off. I knew I needed to see in order to play. I kept picturing myself getting hit in the head with the ball because I couldn’t see it coming. I was NOT going to let that happen! Again, I talked to those girls in my glass, and they told me to just get the contacts!! I realized that I needed to do it, if I really wanted to continue without glasses.

I talked to my mom who had also been wearing contacts for several years now, and then we went to the eye doctor. I was kinda nervous. He explained everything to me and how it worked, and I listened, waiting for the opportunity to put them on myself. I was shocked to learn that the first time the doctor put them in for me! If there is anything that scared me more than putting something in my eyes myself, it was trusting someone else to do it for me. I laid back, trying to remain calm, but watching the doctor’s big finger come at my eye was scary.

Eventually, he got them on. The poor guy probably was so frustrated with me. I remember blinking a lot trying to get used to the feeling. He told me to walk outside to see how well I could see everything. I remember being in shock. Oh the detail of everything in the world around me! Leaves on the trees, vivid colors, words on the signs! I could not believe how well I could see. I didn’t want to go back inside, but now it was time for me to learn how to put the contacts in myself.

I had heard that they would not let you leave unless they saw you put one in yourself. I had already prepared myself to be there awhile, because I knew that I would be scared. The lady showed me how to use the solution and how to put it on, but I could not to do it. I think it took me an hour before I actually got one in. It was the fact that I was touching my eye or getting close to it, I could not get past it!

They told me to go home and practice. I dreaded it, but I knew it needed to be done. I watched my mom put hers in and even watched my friends at school do theirs as well. I remember sitting in the bathroom for hours trying to get my contacts in, even just one! Days, tears, and hours later… I finally figured them out and was putting them on like a pro! Since then, I refused to ever go back to just glasses. Contacts are my life!

I still have to wear glasses whenever my contacts are off because my eyesight is pretty bad, but I have come to think that contacts have got to be one of the best inventions ever! When putting them on, I have referred to them as “putting on my eyes” to my husband, kinda like the term “putting on my face”  in terms to makeup. My contacts are pretty much my real eyes and I love them!

What is something that you used to be afraid of, but absolutely love now?

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  1. I always wanted contacts when I was younger. Now I have them! Like you, I was afraid that I would never get past touching my eyeball everyday. It's just something you get used to. M always watches and is weirded out. My saying is "I don't have my eyeballs in."

  2. I had almost the same issues with contacts when I was a kid. I'd been wearing glasses since I was 6 and when I was 11, I desperately wanted to get contacts…and I did. One problem: I was terrified of putting my fingers in my eyes!! For like a week my parents would do it for me (God bless them…I have no clue how they did it) and finally they told me no more. If I wanted to wear them, I had to do it. I eventually did it and got used to them. Then when I was 16, they put me in hard (RGP) contacts. That was even more of an adjustment, but I love my contacts. The funny thing is, my husband can.not. stand. to watch me take out/put in my contacts. He literally freaks out every time. You'd think after 3 years of marriage he'd get over it. =P I guess everyone has their own silly/irrational fears. =)

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