Do You Know What You Believe?

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I have been hearing a lot lately about the controversy of  a new Christian book called, “Love Wins” by Rob Bell. I have not read any of his books before, but I heard lots about him when I worked at a Christian bookstore in Florida. Hearing about all this really made me think about being firm about what I believe. There are so many different speakers and authors out there, how do you know who to listen to and believe? The answer is the Bible. How well do you know your Bible? If someone walked into your church on Sunday and from the pulpit told you any old thing, would you believe it because you are at church, or would you test it against the Bible? It’s the same thing with what we read and listen to.

When I worked at the Christian bookstore in Florida, there were so many books that were popular. Some of them I would have read, but most of them I probably would not of. I try to look at the background of some of these authors. I look at their church websites, I see what they believe. Does it line up with what I believe, or is it some, modern mumbo-jumbo that someone made up? It’s the same with speakers on the radio. There are some great Christian radio stations out there, but that does not mean you should listen to every speaker. Is what they are preaching line up with the Bible? Who is the speaker? Is it someone that your pastor would listen to?

I think a lot of people today take for granted the things they read and listen to. They think because it has a “Christian” label on it that it must be good. But that is not always true. You have got to wade through the bad to get through the good. Does that mean every Christian book out there is bad? Of course not, but if you picked up a book today, would you know if what it was saying lined up with God’s Word or not? I am not saying you need to become some theologian, but I think more people need to learn and KNOW what they believe and stand firm on that. No matter what anyone else may be reading or preaching, and no matter what may be popular at the time.

What do you think? Do you know for sure what you believe? Could you read any old book out there and test it against the Bible?

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  1. I would take it a step further and say that you need to know what you believe, but also WHY you believe it! Unfortunately, somethings get taught in church that are the "rules of man," but get passed off as being from God, as Jesus tells the Pharisees. Do you believe that the Bible is true because, well, you're supposed to, or do you know why you believe it? It makes it personal, and moves it from a head knowledge to a heart belief. There are quite a few popular Christian books out there, and I think the way we really protect ourselves from false teachers is by knowing the Bible, like you said, knowing what we believe, and also knowing why.

  2. And don't just look at what they say or write. Evaluate their lives too. If a great preacher is saying "profound things" and has a following, but is failing at life, then beware. Sadly, I've seen this a lot in Christian writers/speakers. Personally, I want to learn from those who are doing it right, regardless whether they're most popular.

  3. Great post Kathryn! I think that you are so right about not believing something just because it has a Christian label. I would love for you to write more in depth of what you personally thought of the book. That would be very interesting!


  4. I've not read this book either but have been reading the controversy surrounding it. I've read some other stuff by Bell and thought it was biblically solid. So, I'm interested in readingwhat he has to say. I agree we need to know what we believe, based on the Bible, and, as Emily Joyce said, we need to know why!

    I'm sending a copy of my book Roaring Lions, Cracking Rocks out to you today. I'm having a new cover done, and it is in the process now. You can see a copy of the new front and back cover here:


  5. Anonymous,I have not read the book. But from what I have heard about it, I probably won't be reading it.

  6. Also, are you prepared to back up what you believe in when non-belivers try and back you down. Knowing the bible and why you believe what you do is your only defense. Good post!

  7. I have heard too some of the controversy about this new book. (though I have not read it)

    I completely agree with you that we don't need to just accept what we are told b/c we heard it at church or b/c it has a christian label. We absolutely must search the Bible and test what we are being taught.

  8. This is an excellent post! There are so many books out there that lead people away… in the name of Christ. People need to look at the Bible as the perfect word of God… books can help our understanding but THAT'S IT! 🙂

  9. Awesome post! There are many wolves in sheeps' clothing, and we need to put things to the test against God's Word and what God says!

  10. Hi Kathryn!!

    You make wonderful points in your article. The Bible often mentions false prophets, but it also gives us strong advice. 2 Timothy 2:15 (KJV) advises us to study the Word of God to show ourselves approved. That's the only way to determine whether what we read or hear is correct and based on the Bible.

    Great post!
    *Royal Heiress

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