Military Spouse Strong or God Strong?

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Several Sundays ago my pastor spoke on Humility. Sometimes I can get a little prideful about the topic Humility. I think that there is no way I could be prideful because I don’t think of myself more highly than others and I don’t consider myself to be the best – that’s pride right? Well, my pastor brought up another aspect of pride that really made me think and it went a little bit like this…

When we try to do things in our own strength and try to get through the hard times, but don’t even stop to ask God for help, that is a form of pride. We think that we can do it better than God and of course we can’t! But by not asking him for help and by trying to do things in our own strength we are in our own way saying that our strength is better than God’s. We are saying we can get it done better, and that we don’t need Him to help us. And that’s pride.

This was written for Becoming a Strong Woman of God’s Military Corner about a month ago. If you would like to read the rest of the post please click over to her blog HERE.

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