The Star-Spangled Banner Reminder

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Yesterday, was the first time since moving onto the base, that I got stopped by the playing of the national anthem while driving home. For those of you who may not know, here at Robins AFB, (I am not sure how many other bases do it as well) every day at 5 pm they play “The Star-Spangled Banner.” When it is played, everyone in the cares must stop driving where they are. Everyone is uniform who is outside must stand at attention towards the flag.

The Star-Spangled BannerLiving on the base, and hearing the national anthem played every day has reminded me of everything our military members fight for. Today, seeing every car and every person stopped, all over the base not a single person moving in honor of our national anthem, really hit home for me. What an honor it is to be able to hear that everyday, and know that we live in a free country!

I am so glad that people still honor our flag, and our national anthem. I don’t know if such patriotism exists in other countries, but I am glad it does in ours. No matter what may be going on in our country, I am proud to be an American, and I am proud of our country’s Christian heritage! I am glad for the reminder every day that we are blessed!

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  1. I am pretty sure they do this on every base. We been stationed at and visited a few , all have it. I like the tradition behind it and it makes me stop and think about this country we live in.

  2. It's something you don't really see too much unless you live or work on base. I think some Army bases they even get out of their cars to stand at attention. Here in Japan they play the US National Anthem AND the Japanese National Anthem- which is very long by the way. It's funny- because all the Japanese on base just go on with their day while all the Americans stop what they are doing and face the flag (or direction of music.) The kids even do it at school. It's pretty cool I think. They also have PM colors at dusk and taps at 9 or 10.

  3. oh wow…that is one of those times when I wished we leave on or near a base.

    I will say that over the events of this past weekend I too have been feeling really patriotic. Very thankful for this great nation and all who serve it

  4. Even though there are times where I think, "What is happening to this country?" there are the other times like hearing the national anthem and also every time I see men in uniform that my heart swells and I'm reminded that patriotism is still around, you just gotta look for it. Thanks for sharing!!

  5. Hi there! I found your blog through another blog that I read. I love your blog! I have only been blogging for a couple weeks now but have met some wonderful people through the blogging world. It's also great to meet other military spouses that I can relate to :)I will continue to check back for new updates and posts on your blog 🙂
    As for this post, I completely agree with you. I still can't listen to the song "God Bless the USA" without crying. Being married to a military man reminds us of our rights and priveledges we have that most Americans take for granted.

  6. Our post does something similar, only not using the national anthem. They play the "retreat" while bringing the flag down everyday. Same routine: everyone stops, Soldiers must get out of their cars and salute the flag. I love it!

  7. Loved this post! I'm so thankful for the Military men and women… but ESP. their spouses!

    Thanks for your sweet comment over at my blog.


    PS: I like your new look!

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  9. I think everywhere does it and I love it. I think our children are growing up without the love and respect of our country.

  10. I never knew about that! That's powerful! Wow, I'm glad you shared that. Made me tear up, and with Memorial Day coming, it really strikes a cord! I watch all those vets, and I cry every time. Thanks for sharing that. <3

  11. Here, at Offutt AFB, they play the Retreat followed by the National Anthem at 4:30 (athough, it seems that lately they've been playing it at 3:30… weird). Either way, I always well up with pride every time I see the "world" stop to honor our nation and I just love seeing all the men and women saluting too.

  12. I LOVE all these quotes and I really LOVE your pictures. You look so beautiful! I hope you are feeling well.


    Teresa <><

  13. I love that they do that every day! What a wonderful reminder each and every day! I love hearing our national anthem.

  14. Must be an Airforce thing, the Army has retreat played at 5 PM and it's an Army Regulation that Soldiers in Uniform salute and stand at attention during different periods, civilians/family members are to stand if outside (if in the vehicle, the soldier must get out but no one else is required to). At 11 PM they play taps on Army posts as well, and of course the 6:30 AM wake up edition! LOL (Thankfully I sleep right through that!)

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