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Rendi Style: Beautiful Home Decor

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One my newest sponsors is Sarah with Rendi home decor. Sarah is an independent Rendi Stylist and she shared with me all about the company. I have to say that I was pretty impressed, as this was one site and company that was a little different from the others. It’s different because not only can you buy beautiful and unique home decor, but you can also CREATE it!

First, let’s let Sarah tell us a little bit about the word “Rendi” and what it means. She says, “The name ‘Rendi’ is an Italian word which means ‘you make.’ Rendi founder, Annie Danielson, chose this word because YOU make custom photo frames and wall decor with Rendi’s help!” I wasn’t really sure what this meant or how the customer would get to create a product, but Sarah let me try it out and I will share my review with you below.

Here is a little bit more about Rendi:

“Rendi is a new and unique addition to the home party/direct sales industry.  These personalized items make great home decor, gifts, and of course, keepsakes for both those at home and away during deployment. Imagine the powerful impact of giving someone a gift that captures a precious moment in their life or conveys how special they are to you. The possibilities with Rendi products are endless.”- Sarah

That’s where Sarah comes in! She says, “That is what I love about Rendi! I love helping clients celebrate life’s special moments and create meaningful items for any occasion and taste.” You can contact her for ideas or if you want help designing a product and you can also find out about how you can host your own Rendi party (in-person or online) to get rewards and have fun. Interested in joining her team as a stylist? Visit her site to find out more: www.Sarah.RendiStyle.com.

About Sarah:
“One day I came across Rendi by chance,  I had never heard of it, nor had anyone else I knew (Rendi is so new that I am still the only stylist in my state). Once I saw what Rendi was about, I loved everything, from the products, to the company’s environmental and social conscience, to the stylists I contacted for more information. I am someone who weighs even the smallest decision very carefully- just ask my husband how long I spend in the bread aisle at the grocery store! But with Rendi, it took me less than a day -from finding the company to signing on as an Independent Stylist. It is a decision I have never thought about since, unlike so many others.

Besides being a Rendi Stylist, I also spend most of my time as a wife (to a wonderful husband and the army) mother, and student. I took photography in high school (the darkroom days, before digital… if anyone can remember those…) and loved it so much I took more courses when I started college. When it finally came time to choose a major I chose science, and so I strayed away from my creative side and we are just now getting back in touch, thanks to Rendi!”

You can find Sarah on her Facebook page: Rendi: Create, Share, Care!

 My Review:

What I really liked about Rendi was how easy it was to create and style your own home decor. Not only was it easy, but it was fun too! Sarah gave me several suggestions and explanations which helped a lot. Here is what she told me before choosing a product:

 “You can choose a sign to display a favorite quote or as a welcome sign in your home, or a photo frame for any special moment. The ‘Picture This‘ items are really popular and unique because the photo is ‘married’ to the wood and there are so many things you can do with them – some people have made a photo collage or photographed a scrapbook page of their child’s artwork to display in their home. ‘Picture This‘ is also great for deployment- someone just ordered one to send to her husband since they will hold up better than a photograph on paper without being too big or heavy.”

When I went to the site to browse around I found it was very easy and accessible. You can shop by collection or product type, and look at the current catalog online. You can also see their holiday products when they are in season. Like to scrapbook? You can find suggested “vignettes” and “story walls” and the tools to build them. These are like scrapbooking your story on your wall.

I had a lot of fun choosing different products and seeing what they would look like with my pictures in it. The process to create is very simple. You choose a product you are interested in, upload a photo, and choose a quote or color if applicable. I spent quite a lot of time on the site finding the perfect product and this is what I chose:

 I received it very quickly and was very excited to find a place for it in my home. I really love the uniqueness of Rendi products and hope to be able to order more in the future – especially for gifts!


*Please keep in mind that all pictures in this post belong to Rendi or to Sarah Free. Thank you.*


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  1. wow! that’s so cool!!! 🙂 I think I’m going to quickly become obsessed with this site. It’s exactly the type of stuff I have/want in my house! 😀

    thanks for sharing!

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