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Telling Your Story – In Pictures (Giveaway)

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You might remember the several posts I have had on the blog about one of my awesome sponsors: Sarah from Rendi Style! If you missed out on those posts you can find out all about Rendi Style and their products here: Rendi Style: Beautiful Home Decor and see my review of one of their products here: Rendi Style Review. Today, Sarah has a beautiful post to share with you and an awesome giveaway (worth $39.99) below!

Rendi Style

Today I want to share with you a wonderful way to tell your story in pictures and help you get started! The giveaway will have only one lucky winner, but everyone can earn rewards! How? I will tell you, but first, I have a story:

Do you sometimes forget that you are living a unique story that is unlike anyone else’s? Speak up and let me know if you do, I hope I’m not the only one! I find myself at the end of so many days wondering where the time went, not having taken a moment to appreciate the life I am blessed with, because I’ve been so busy living it. During one such day, I served breakfast to my son and rushed upstairs to get myself dressed. As I came back downstairs, I heard him singing, “Me and my dad!” over and over. He was looking at a picture of the two of them together and I couldn’t help but smile and laugh! It was such a simple song, but he was celebrating an extraordinary blessing. He definitely knows what’s worth singing about, I thought.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the moments I take time to delight in, like hearing my son’s song, are the moments that I truly remember how much there is to be grateful for. I am so thankful for learning a big life lesson from my son and I try to live each day recognizing and giving thanks for those moments, letting the reality of my blessings sink in, and celebrating life as I live it.

Rendi Picture ThisI still have those days where life happens and I forget – or barely have time – to pause and take it all in. Just like my son, it helps me to have visual reminders of my blessings, all the more so while my husband is deployed. My son and I both love to  remember our times together as a family and see how much we have to celebrate. I’ve decided to tell our story in pictures, and to display it so that each time we see it, we will remember our blessings and appreciate them as they happen every day!

That is where Rendi comes in. Rendi is all about giving YOU the opportunity to capture the precious people and priceless moments of your one, wonderful life. Letting your story inspire you by telling it on the walls of your home – right in view where you can enjoy it, and can’t help but be reminded each day that you are beyond lucky – you are blessed!

What would your story in pictures look like? What colorful characters and unsung heroes would you feature? What special memories, vacations, celebrations, and reunions would you highlight?

Rendi offers complete story walls in 5 collections, and a way to earn rewards as you build your story wall – so no more reasons for keeping your story tucked away in albums or on hard drives! My story wall is a work in progress, but here you can see the piece of the story my son was singing about:


Now, what you’ve been waiting for: how can YOU earn rewards towards your own story wall? Join a story wall club! You will design an item (or a few) each month and through Rendi’s rewards program you will earn half price and free items along the way. Contact me via Facebook for more information and to get started. Invite your friends to join in the storytelling, too. The more, the merrier (and more rewards)!

Giveaway: Win your very own personalized item from Rendi’s new Picture This! collection.  Like all of Rendi’s products, these new items are customizable, but they also come with even more options for adding labels and text to your image. You will be able to choose either a horizontal or verticle 6×9 Picture This! made from recycled wood. The photo of your choice will be printed directly on the wood.

Giveaway ends march 11, 2013 and winner will be contacted by email. I will not be announcing winner on the blog anymore just by email!

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