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One of the most enjoyed posts to put together are the posts where I feature encouraging posts from other bloggers. There are so many great posts out there that encourage me and lift me up, and I love to share those with us and in hopes that you may be encouraged too!

I hope you enjoy the next set of eight posts that range on the topics of faith, marriage, friendship, motherhood, and special needs parenting. If you missed the other posts in this series, check out: 8 Encouraging Posts.



How to Get Over Cliques1. How to Get Over Cliques & Get Real Community
“We can obsess over who didn’t talk to us or we can focus on the woman we’re talking to. We can keep looking for a seat at a more popular table or we can pass the bread basket and an introduction to the women sitting right where we already are.”

How God Views You2. This is How God Views You

“Today, let go of the guilt and the shame of all the have-nots and are-nots. Embrace your position as forgiven sinner who needs more grace every day. Celebrate the extravagant love that God pours over you through Christ Jesus.”


Mourn the mundane3. When I Mourn the Mundane
“Thank you for making my son, exactly as he is. Thank you for the story you whisper to me everyday through him. Thank you that he is smart, and funny, and so affectionate. Thank you that he can talk, that he can walk, that he can read and think deep thoughts. Thank you that he is here with us, teaching all of us more about You.”

strong mom4. Are You One of the Strong Moms?
“Asking for help — NEEDING HELP — in this modern world of child-raising is NOT a sign of weakness. It doesn’t mean you are lazy. Or imperfect. Or fragile. It means you are wise to know your own faults and your own shortcomings and your own needs. And when a strong mom reaches out and gets beautiful support in return something amazing happens: The strong mothers find strength inside of them. And they grow stronger.”

unremarkable5. Dear Moms, It’s Okay to be Unremarkable
“I don’t know about you, but I want the people closest to me to love me, not because I can do anything for them, but because they’ve chosen to love me with all of my flaws and failings. And isn’t that what everyone wants in the end, to know that they are 100% loved by their people?”

special needs marriage6. Our “Special Needs” Marriage – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
“It helps to remember that God brought us together for a reason. He made us husband and wife and gave us these unique little guys with a purpose. That matters to us. It is meaningful in the moment. It takes our eyes off each other and fixes them on the things above, where the view is so much better.”

lonely mama7. Are You Lonely, Mama?
“When loneliness creeps up in your heart and you start to feel sorry for yourself and wish for something other than what you have right now, fill that emptiness where your social life used to be with baby belly laughs and movie nights and pillow fights and silly songs. Don’t let temporary loneliness steal this season of your life.”

family man8. What Does it Really Take to be a Family Man?
“Any husband can be a family man at heart, even before the children arrive because he loves them and sees children as an integral part of what God is doing in the world – not as burdens that will compromise his plans, goals, and ministry.”


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