My First Podcast Interview

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It’s Sunday afternoon. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and relax while listening to my latest and first podcast interview with Trista Laborn from A Purpose Driven Wife.

My First Podcast Interview

Trista started her podcast:

…at a time in my life where God called me to be a wife, mom AND entrepreneur. I was looking for resources and/or testimonies that would help motivate, encourage and provide resources for me as a christian looking for a Christ-Centered Marriage, motherhood and business resources, added with a little bit of humor, to help me along my Journey.”

Trista’s podcasts are RAW, REAL, and FUNNY.

“It’s a great place for christian entrepreneurs, moms, military spouses, wives, students and everything in between, to laugh, get encouraged and motivated in whatever season you are in life. You are not alone!”

In this podcast interview you will find…

I talk a little bit about everything. I promise there’s something here for everyone – plus you get to learn more about ME! Here’s some of the main topics:

  • Faith
  • Military Life
  • Marriage
  • Motherhood
  • Parenting Special Needs Kids
  • Being an Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner
  • Encouragement
  • And More!

Check out my podcast interview via Trista’s site: Singing Through the Rain Entrepreneur (Interview with Kathryn Sneed). OR: Download it for free on iTunes: A Purpose Driven Wife Podcast.

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