Like a Soldier

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Awhile ago in my devotions, I read a verse that really made me think! I was reading in II Timothy chapter 2 which talks about being a good soldier for Christ. I found this chapter very interesting since I am a military wife because the comparisons between being a soldier and being a soldier for Christ are many.

Out of all the verses though, verse 3 was what spoke to me. It says, “Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.”

I keep thinking of all that soldiers go through in their training. They are trained to endure against anything, be it hard weather conditions, being in enemy territory, being shot at, etc. No matter what they must endure through it, do their job, and complete their mission. Like soldiers, we too must endure the trials of life whatever they may be. Whether it be a deployment, a death in the family, hard times, etc. And we must continue to do our job which is to be faithful to Christ. To, like a soldier push on, and push forward to matter what we may face.

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