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Strong Shoes for Strong Parents

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“If God sends us on strong paths we are provided strong shoes.” – Corrie Ten Boom

I recently saw this quote on a Facebook photo and it stuck with me. I thought, What a perfect quote that describes the life of a special needs parent! If you know the life of Corrie Ten Boom the woman who said this, then you know she endured a very hard life. I admire her and I admire her faith in God throughout all circumstances.

Strong Shoes

As I thought about the quote above, I thought about the word “strong.” What does that really mean? I looked it up in the dictionary and found that these words were perfect to describe the word “strong” as used in the quote above: “If God sends us on strong (forceful, extreme, intense) paths we are provided strong (solid, well-established, firm) shoes.”

What a description for the paths we have been sent on as special needs parents! I don’t know about your journey, but mine has been one that is extremely forceful, extreme and intense. It has been strong. As special needs parents we are sent on a strong paths since the birth of our children. We work hard to get our children the best help we can, we become their best advocates, and we plan our lives around their needs and schedules.

But God did not lead us on this journey without help! The shoes He has given to special needs parents are special. They can’t just be any shoes they have to be the perfect fit, size, and color. They are not always the most comfortable, but are instead made to take us over the rough spots and through the muck and the mire and the yuckiness of life.

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