Truly Thankful

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Today as we sit around the table eat to eat delicious food and spend time with friends, I want to take the time to give thanks for the many blessings in my life. This past month I have been struggling with some things and instead of focusing on the good in my life, I was only focusing on the things I didn’t have. So without further ado, here is a list of my blessings and the things I am thankful for.

My husband. Several months ago my husband took on a second job. Every day after working all day for the Air Force he would go to the commissary and stock shelves until about 10pm each night. All I could think of was how hard it was to never see him and to be pretty much a single mom. I know the same thing would happen during a deployment, but he was home and it should be different. I was sad because I never got to see him and how tired it made him. But I am thankful that my husband works so hard, that he wants to take care and provide for my family. I am thankful that he is a loving husband and a wonderful father who looks forward to coming home each day and seeing both Adam and I. I am thankful for the blessing he is to me, and the things he does for me each day. For Jonathan I am truly thankful.

My baby. Sometimes its hard being a mom. It can be stressful and overwhelming at times. But I love my little boy. He is the sunshine in my life and every smile just makes me melt. I love watching him grow and learn new things everyday and even though he is only 5 months old he is a huge blessing to me every day. I am so lucky to have him and so blessed to be his mom. For Adam I am truly thankful.

Family. This one is tough because there is always a lot of drama within my family. Things happen back home and I can’t be there and it frustrates me. I want to help, but at the same time I want to hide away from it all. But I know my family loves me in-spite of it all. I also am thankful for my brother, who has has multiple seizures that have been very bad. One he almost when blind from, and the other his face was so messed up he was hardly recognizable. I am thankful that he  is alive and that he is able to celebrate thanksgiving at home. I am also thankful for in-laws, my second family. They are always there for us no matter what to help, or to give advice. They set a wonderful example for my family. For family I am truly thankful.

Sometimes I get sad because I think about all the people in my life I am not friends with anymore, people who have grown apart or moved away. I think about that I have never had a true best friend like everyone else and how I wish I had one. But I am thankful for ALL my friends. I look at my facebook and blog and I see all the people who love me. I see people who are kind, who want to help, and who are sincere. There is not much more to ask for than that. I am grateful for the 3 invitations we received from different friends to celebrate Thanksgiving with them since we are not able to see family. For friends I am truly thankful.

My health. The past few months after I had Adam were awful health-wise. I always took for granted my health up to that point and now I know a little what it must be like for others who are sick for months at a time. But I am healthy now. I don’t get very many colds and flus and other than my thyroid disease there is nothing wrong with me. I am so thankful to have each day and not have to worry about my health. For health I am truly thankful.

The things God has taught me this year. So many things God has taught me this year. Through my husband, through my son, through my friends and my family. So many lessons and so much growing. It’s been hard at times very hard. But each and every thing I have gone through has made me stronger, has drawn me closer to God, and has but life into perspective. For my God and Savior who has died for me I am truly thankful.

I look back and I ask myself why am I sometimes not content. I look at what other people have, the places they are able to go, the things they are able to do, but it doesn’t matter because this is the place God has put me right now, and I have all the above blessings. On this Thanksgiving I am truly thankful.

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