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Vintage Mail Maker

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I recently was recommended a site called Vintage Mail Maker. When I saw the site and what it was about I thought it was such a wonderful idea. Writing letters may be considered old-fashioned, but it is definitely romantic! And a vintage touch definitely adds to that romantic feel. What better way to send a letter than through Vintage Mail Maker?

So now you’re probably wondering more about this site. What is it? How does it work? Well here are all the juicy details!

How it Started
I love this sweet story of how Vintage Mail Maker Started and I think you will too!

“It started with two friends who began an out of state pen pal friendship and ended with the concept of combining modern technology with timeless nostalgia.

Ben was a technology guy living in Atlanta, Jodie was the quintessential New Yorker with taste for art, old photography and the sentimental things in life. She valued the things that her older relatives passed down to her like grandmother’s receipes, old italian sayings, and vintage cards and letters too! So while most of their pen pal communication was through email, Jodie would often choose to find some envelopes and stationary from her favorite stationary store and send them to Ben in the mail. Anyone who has ever received a hand written letter in the mail knows there’s no comparison between that feeling and an email message.

And that is how Vintage Mail Maker began, it can be used to allow people to send those same old fashioned envelopes and letters with the same emotion and feeling while still maintaining the modern conveniences that our world now provides.

How it Works
Vintage Mail Maker is very easy to use and only takes a few minutes to make a letter! All you have to do is select the font, envelope type, letter paper, and then type the letter out.  They can deliver your letter by email or by mail (only in the United States).

I made one on their site to see how it works and found that they have 3 different types of fonts, vintage envelops, and vintage paper to choose from. You also can preview your letter before it’s sent. The best thing about this site? Letters sent by email are FREE and letters sent by mail are only $2.99 for shipping charges!

Here is what my envelope looked like. I made it just so I could post it here, so the addresses are fake.

Pretty cool huh? And you can get your letter paper to match as well! This is a perfect idea to send to your love for Valentine’s Day. If your husband is deployed, have it emailed to him. Or you can have it shipped to your house and include it in your next care package!

You can also find Vintage Mail Maker on Facebook. Go check out their page and let them know you found them through my blog!

So what do YOU think? Is this something you might use for Valentine’s Day? I would love to hear!

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