3 Ways to Use Your Vintage Valentine Letter – Plus Some Vintage Extras!

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Credit: www.freeprettythingsforyou.com
Credit: www.freeprettythingsforyou.com

You  may remember several posts I have written about a site called Vintage Mail Maker. It’s a site where you can make and send beautiful vintage letters either by snail mail or email. You can see my posts about it here: Vintage Mail Maker and 4 Reasons to Send a Vintage Letter.

I’m touching back on this subject because I think it’s just a great idea to send a vintage letter this Valentine’s Day. What could be a better gift? Even though it’s a great idea, some people may be unsure what to put in their letter or how to use it. So here are 3 ideas to help you out!

1. Frame it.
You don’t have to just give your spouse or loved one your vintage letter, instead you can mail it to yourself and buy a beautiful frame for it. Put the letter in the frame, wrap it, and give it to your spouse on Valentines Day! There are several types of different papers to choose from on the site and I know they would all look beautiful in a frame. It’s also the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day!

2. Put Something Nice in it!
Just because it’s a letter doesn’t mean you actually have to write a letter in it! You could put a nice quote in it, lyrics to a song that describes your relationship, or even 20 reasons why you love your spouse. Be creative! Here are a few more ideas you can put in your letter:

  • A prayer for your marriage.
  • Facts about your relationship.
  • A “Together Let’s…” list of future things you want to do together.

3. Use it in a Love Letter Scavenger Hunt.
I saw this idea on Pinterest originally and thought I would tell you about it, but make a few changes to it to fit in your vintage letter! Keri from Growing in His Glory came up with the idea to create a love letter scavenger hunt for your spouse this Valentine’s Day. Her idea is to cut out paper hearts, write reasons why you love your husband, and then hide them where he can find one each day.

In order to incorporate your vintage letter into this idea, write down your reasons why you love your spouse on each heart. Then include a clue to where the next heart is hiding. Hide about 5 or more hearts and then let the last clue be to find your vintage letter -either framed as a gift, or just in the envelope as is.

Visit Vintage Mail Maker right now to make your vintage letter (example below)!

Vintage Love Letter

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