A Tale of Five Months (by Adam)

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Adam and one week ago I turned 5 months! My Mommy cannot believe how big I am now. This past month I was very busy, I like to grab for everything I can especially my mommy’s computer. It’s just so bright and fun, I can’t help it! According to the doctor at my last visit, I am 26 inches and 14lbs 13oz, wow that is a lot! This month I got to try some real neat food called rice cereal.

I wasn’t sure how I would like it at first, but now I love it!

I also got to try out some new toys this month too, toys with lots of fun gadgets that play music and make noise.

Not sure which is my favorite yet though.
I also was in my very first baby contest! I made the finals and I was in the final top 3! It was a lot of fun and I got to model some very cool clothes.

I won because I was the cutest baby, but mommy says I won because she had a lot of nice friends that voted for me too.

This fall, mommy and daddy took me to see my very first pumpkins. They were very orange and I liked to try and suck on their stems. Mommy and daddy took lots of pictures, but I didn’t really know what the big deal was.

This month I learned a new word. I can say Mama! Mommy says I don’t know what it means yet but she really likes it when I say it. I also have a new favorite toy. It’s really cool because mommy and daddy made it for me.

It’s a Parmesan cheese container! Mommy and daddy washed it out for me and put stuff in it to make noise. I love it, I play with it all the time! I am not sure why I like it so much, mommy says it’s because it’s green. I also like the color red.

This month, mommy finally noticed that I had a tooth. It just popped up all of a sudden and mommy was so happy! Everyone tries to get me to open my mouth so they can look at it and I just smile and show it off to them. I like to feel it with my tongue, it feels very funny.

On Veteran’s day mommy remembered I had a cool outfit that looked like what daddy wears to work every day. I love daddy and I love looking like him!

I have been doing lots more this month, but that is all I can remember right now. Thank you for reading my story.
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  1. Yeah, Connor is 5 months old as well (as you know)–but he's huge compared to Adam! He's like 29 inches and 19.5 lbs! Oy! lol…

    I had to start him on cereal (and then other foods) at 4 months b/c formula was just not cutting it!

    Anyway, you have such a cutie there! Love them baby blues!

  2. He's so cute- but I am laughing so hard, because my daughter is a month younger, and she is already over 15 pounds-and she's breastfed! Too funny.

  3. Oh my word! He is completely adorable! I loved reading this update. 🙂 He has had a busy month! Those are all such precious pictures of him. The first one cracked me up!

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