I Am not Perfect….

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I am not perfect…

I am selfish
I am lazy
I am jealous
I am loving
I am determined
I am loyal
I am not a good housewife…
I let things pile up
I hate doing dishes and cleaning bathrooms
I forget to do laundry sometimes
I love to cook
I love taking care of my baby
I love running errands
I do not have many talents…
I am not crafty
I can’t play a musical instrument
I am not good at sports
I like to write
I like to read
I like to sing
I don’t have many friends…
I am shy
I am different
I am 
I am a good friend
I am always there for them
I will listen
I am not rich…
I have a tight budget
I like to save
I cannot spend much
I use my money wisely
I will save to buy for the people I love
I am thrifty
I am not perfect… 
I am the way God made me!
And so are you! What are some confessions you have?

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  1. I trained my kids to do the laundry so I do not have to.
    I would give anyone anything I had and not have any regrets.
    I have screamed at my husband but I have praised him even more

  2. i love the style of this post. and i love what you are saying. you're not perfect. but you are perfectly made!

    confession? i just ate a whole box of snack mix. but it was organic!! bahahah (because that makes it all better!)

  3. This is great post Kathryn!
    You should really think about doing a link up to it =)

    I think I could come up with quite a few confessions

  4. Awww!! I love this post 🙂
    You go girl!!

    It's always so wonderful to be self aware of who you are!!


  5. Such a great post! I can relate to many of your ‘imperfections’ 🙂 I love how you balanced it all out with all the things you are great at…well done! PS found you via the mommymess

  6. I tell my kids that I’m not perfect all the time. You know just in case they can’t figure it out for themselves. It’s more of a reminder to myself than to tell them.

    Over from the mommymess

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