Wednesday Confessions

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After writing this post: I am not Perfect… I had several people tell me that I should do a link-up so others can post about their confessions, so I decided to make it a weekly thing. Wednesday Confessions: it’s the perfect time to get something off your chest, whether it be about the scrumptious cheesecake you just finished off, the crazy day you had, or just something you feel you need to talk about. How does it work? Write a blog post about your confession, and post it on the “linky” below. Make sure you add the button above as well!
My Wednesday Confession:
I am a very jealous person. 
There I said it. 
Not the type of Jealousy that would mean I am jealous of my husband talking to another woman, but the type that I am jealous of people and the things that they have or the things they have happen to them. It is something I struggle with and I sometimes have a hard time being happy for people because of it. I feel like a horrible person, because this problem has ruined several friendships, and has made me grow bitter in the past. But God is slowly helping overcome this, and I know that I will come out stronger in the end.
What is your Wednesday Confession?

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  1. thank you, jealousy is one of my big issues. It is not like I want there husband. More things like why does my husband have PTSD, why is the meth mom in the NICU talking about what a good mom she is while my baby is struggling and I did everything I can to keep her in.
    Okay so my baby turned 5 today and I am emotional. Next week I will be better

  2. Jealousy is very hard to deal with – I've had trouble with it sometimes too… When I start feeling that way I try to remind myself of the verse that tells us to be content in everything no matter what is happening in our lives (Philippians 4:11), and then I start thinking about all the blessings I have in my own life – counting my blessings. That helps me quite a bit, so I thought I'd share that.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I enjoyed coming over to learn a bit about you! 🙂

  3. jealousy is one of the BIGGEST things i've struggled with in my life. please don't feel like you're a terrible person for it, because i can assure you, I am the terrible jealous one!

    i have a hard time being happy for others because i'm jealous, esp if they have cute kids or nice hair or an artsy flair and best friends or cooking skills or even just attractive laughs.

    any little thing.


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