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Truthful TuesdaysSo I have never participated in any of these Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, things that a lot of bloggers do, but I am having a little bit of writers block right now. I have so many drafts, that I have started, but I am still thinking about all my ideas. So this is my way of posting something, so at least I have something to write about!

Confessions from a Working Mom started Truthful Tuesdays, so go over and visit her, and check out her post!

This week’s Truthful Tuesday question is:
What talent do you wish you have…but don’t?

This is definitely a great question, one that I have touched on a bit before, if you recall: God has Already Given You Everything You Need. There are so many talents I wish I had, or I wish I had the opportunity to spend more time practicing and making them into my talents.

1. To be a Writer
One talent I wish I had is writing. I plan on eventually working on that by going back to school and getting a bachelor’s in professional writing, or something similar to that. I would love to write books, when I am older and have the kids out of the house. Part of the reason I have this blog, is so practice what I really want to do. I don’t pretend to be a great writer, I am not. But practice makes perfect, and that is what schooling is for!

My love for writing has always been there. When I was little, my grandmother gave me a pretty, flowered notebook and told me to write stories in it. I would make up little stories and read them to my friends, and then I would pass my book around and let my friends write it in it too! I wish I had kept that book, I am not sure what happened to it. In college, I had a teacher for English and American Lit. that I just absolutely loved. She made me love literature and writing, and also encouraged me to take a class I had been wanting to take but was scared to. The class was Advanced Grammar and Composition, and it was known to be one of the hardest classes at that school. I took the class and I didn’t get an A, but I did pass, and after that my love for writing and grammar was more than ever before! Since then, I have wanted to get my degree in writing, and I am still working towards that.

2. To be a Singer
I absolutely love to sing, I always have. I sing in the shower, I sing when no one is home. I just love singing. Sometimes I drive my husband crazy because sometimes we will be talking and something he will say will remind me of a song, and then I will just start singing!

The problem with me singing is that I am shy. I do not like singing in front of people. I don’t even like talking in front of people! I used to sing in the choir at my old church, which was fun. I love to sing with someone else who can harmonize with me, it’s so much fun. I have sang a few times at my in-law’s church, but I am just so scared to get u in front of people, I have only done it once by myself! One day maybe I will get over my fear, until then I will stick to singing in the shower, in the car, and when no on is home!

3. To Play the Piano
Ever since I was a baby I have loved the piano. Don’t believe me? Here is a picture to prove it!

Aren’t I cute? So for as long as I can remember I have always wanted to play the piano. It has always been a dream of mine to be an accomplished pianist. I don’t have to be amazing I just want to play well. I was never able to take lessons, because my parents could not afford it. I did take lessons once for a a few months, but I had to stop soon after because my parents got divorced and we moved to the other side of town. I would always look for pianos in the for sale ads in the newspaper, several times I found free ones, but I never had any way of getting it to my house, since we didn’t own a truck.

Now, I have since learned how to play with chords, but it is not the same as real playing and I do not play that well. One day maybe I will own a real piano, but I have kind of given up on learning how to play!

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  1. Wow, I am beyond honored that you're playing along today! I think you made my day!!!

    I love that picture of you as a baby, playing piano. I played when I was little too, but I didnt' have the patience for it and gave it up. Maybe if I hadn't, I could have been a singer/songwriter 🙂

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  2. What a cute picture!!!

    I was blessed with a math ability but writing, grammar and spelling come so hard to me. I would love to write a fiction book but always feel limited because of it.

    Nice to learn more about you 🙂

  3. Sorry I'm late in commenting, but we do have a lot in common!! Even though I'm on the platform singing every single service my church has, I am STILL petrified by it. If I am singing with other people, I'm not nearly as nervous, but alone, well, let's just say my knees are having a lot of fellowship knocking together!!

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