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The Ultimate Gift: A Food Chopper

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Food ChopperEver have this amazing idea of something you really want, right after Christmas?? Well it happens to me every year! This year I recalled something very important that I should have asked for. A Tupperware Food Chopper!

My mom had one of these when I was growing up, and I remember helping her in the kitchen, cutting up onions, celery, carrots, and other stuff with this great food shopper! I used to love it, and I had forgotten all about it until this past Christmas, when I saw it at my in-law’s house. I had also forgotten how handy it is until I helped my mother-in-law with some cooking and baking! This thing works for so many foods!! Which of course only made me want it more!I think most of us have all seen or heard about the commercial for the Slap Chop which I think is a bad remake of the Food Chopper…
That annoying guy who talks so fast, and the commercial that seems like it will go on forever. Yeah well I don’t think the Slap Chop can even come close to the Tupperware Food Chopper. I may be biased, but I don’t think so. If you have not seen the commercial yet and are curious feel free to check it out: Vince with Slap Chop<I think I will stick with my Tupperware Food Chopper, besides my birthday is in two weeks, and now I know what to ask for!

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  1. Oh, I absolutely LOVE (and couldn't live without!) my electric mini-chopper. It is tiny but it is SO amazing! I love to give them as wedding presents.

    Anyway, I was stopping by to tell you that my give-away will not be coffee, at least not all of it. It will be a gift of SEVERAL of my favorite things. However, there is absolutely NO pressure to enter. I just thought you might want to 'play'. :0)

    Have a great day!

    Teresa <><

  2. Someone got us one as a Wedding gift from Pampered Chef. I hardly ever use it, but I do love the convenience of it!

  3. I had never seen one of these until last yr when my friend was over my house and we were going to make some salsa…she pulled this out and I thought it was awesome! We made fruit pizza so it chopped up the fruit just right! I want one but they are pricey. Here's seemed a little bigger and it was blue. Hope you get it:D

  4. Oh I agree! We do not own one, but that guy annoys me when he talks about a product that is already going on in your mind as too good to be true! brother


  5. I have one of these from The Pampered Chef, and it is AWESOME! We use it for all sorts of things; and even for someone, like me, who hates to cook, it makes it a whole lot easier. Now if only it could actually do ALL the cooking for me!

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