5 Ways to Say Thank You Without Sending a Card

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It’s after the holidays, and it’s time to start focusing on all the blessings and gifts you were given. There are many ways to say thank you and many people like to send thank you cards. I however, am not one of those people.

As a military wife, a special needs mom to two, and a business owner, I have more than enough on my plate. While I have nothing against thank you cards, it’s not something that I ever have time to sit down and do. That’s why I related so much to this article, Why You Never Have to Write me a Thank-You NoteAnd I completely agree with this quote:

I think you’re awesome no matter what. I don’t want the people I love to agonize over a piece of paper that I’m just going to throw out anyway.” – Scary Mommy

There are so many other ways to say thank you and as a busy mom, I understand if you don’t have time to sit down and write me a thank you note. Instead of writing a thank you note here are five ways to say thank you that I have found to be just as effective, if not better!

ways to say thank you

5 Unique Ways to Say Thank You

1. Photos.
I have used this method to say thank you a lot during Christmas Christmas and for birthdays. I take pictures of my kids playing with their toy or somehow using their gift (wearing an outfit they were given, etc), and send it to the giver via text or social media and include a “thank you so much, they love it” type of message. Bonus points if you upload it to Facebook and tag them in it.

I have also done this with checks. I took a picture of my kids holding a check that was sent to them, told them to smile real big, and then private messaged the photo to the giver on Facebook with a quick thank you as well.

2. Videos.
I have used this method a lot more lately because I feel like it’s really heart-felt. I have taken videos of my kids playing with or using their gifts. I might have my child talk about the gift and how they are using it and then have them say thank you at the end. It’s a great way for friends and family members who may live far away to see the kids using their gifts!

3. Texts & Messaging.
I know many people don’t like using this method, but since I am on my phone and online a lot anyways, why not use it to say thank you. I text or message the same thing I would write in a card, it’s just easier and faster to send via text, email, or Facebook message.

I may also include something like, “I am not great at remembering to send thank you cards, but I wanted to make sure I thanked you.”

4. Live Streaming.
This is a great one as well and one that has become popular in our little family. We like to use Skype or Facetime and let friends and family members see my kids open their gifts and play with them. That also allows my kids to say thank you “in person” too!

5 Give Back.
Another way to say thank you is by giving back to the giver. Give them a hug, give them a small gift in return, pay for lunch or buy them a coffee the next time you see them. When they tell you there’s no need to pay the bill, just tell them you want to say thanks for what they did or gave you. It’s a meaningful and fun way to say thank you and to give back.

Here’s what you can do instead: give me a hug. I like hugs. Saying thanks in person is plenty. Shoot me a text if you have a second or give me a shout-out on Facebook. Let’s hang out at the park some afternoon when I need a break. Return the favor if possible one day, but never feel obligated.” – Scary Mommy

What are some ways to say thank you that you like to do? Do you send cards or do you do something else?

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