Break The Dinner & A Movie Date Cycle: 7 Unique Dates

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Being in a relationship for a long time can sometimes become repetitive. After the first year or so, you might’ve run out of your ideas for romantic date ideasAnd especially after a few years of dating and perhaps marriage, it’s expected that you’ll be looking for different ways to spice things up, and to bring the element of surprise excitement back into the relationshipOn the other hand, sometimes you just want to make a really great and really memorable impression on someone you really like for the first date.
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Either way, the traditional model of a dinner and a movie is sweet and a nice way to get together or have a night out, but sometimes you need something better. Something that hasn’t been done so many times. For those times, and for the times when you need some adorable new pictures, here are some ideas for unique dates that go outside the lines.

Break the Dinner and a Movie Date Cycle: 7 Unique Dates

7 Unique Dates You Don’t Want to Miss!

1. Laser Tag
It’s always fun to learn about someone by seeing his or her competitive side. It’s also fun to remember how competitive someone can be by trying to shoot him or her with a laser. New couples and experienced couples alike can enjoy laser tag as something active and entertaining to do together. It’s especially useful for new relationships that are still, in the beginning, stages because it takes out the awkwardness of having to make too much small talk for too long. Laser tag is also a good way to relax and let off steam while still having fun with your significant other and getting a good workout.

2. Pottery Painting/Making
Making something or just having something to do with your hands is always good during a first date. It keeps the pressure off the conversation, but it also spawns easy and natural conversation. In addition, painting and sculpting are fun and interactive ways to have fun together. There are lots of fun options with an outing like this, such as making something for each other and then surprising each other when the art is ready. And no matter how you do it when the date ends you have a souvenir to remember the fun you had.

Unique Dates3. Pet Store
Going to a pet store is a fun way to learn about someone’s likes and dislikes, and it’s also an easy way to learn important things about someone. Perhaps most importantly, you learn whether someone is a dog person or a cat person. But also, when people are around kittens and puppies and cute little animals, they open up more and become more vulnerable. This makes a date like going to look at puppies and kittens perfect for getting to know each other or even opening back up after a stressful day. This kind of unique date is also nice because it’s completely free, provided you can keep yourself and your date from buying a puppy before you leave.

4. Ghost Tours
Doing something scary and interactive like a ghost tour is a great way to get a little closer to your date, or at least to get some good laughs. A lot of these tours are legitimately creepy, but many are cheesy and make you laugh more than anything. Either way, they’re a fun adventure to have together.

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One of the problems is that this idea varies a lot by location. A lot of places like New Orleans and Savannah have many old buildings and streets where people believe spirits remain, haunting the living. But if you’re not in a place that has a lot of ghost tours, sometimes there are haunted houses that can have the same effect, especially around Halloween.

5. Trampoline Park
Like laser tag, going to a trampoline park is a great way to have a fun, unique date and also get your workout in. It takes pressure off of the conversation when you’re bouncing around, and it gives you the opportunity to really impress your date with your athleticism. In addition, a trampoline park is a fun place to do a double date or a group date without being to confined to doing things with the group as a whole. It’s also an easy and safe place to be silly and have fun, and that’s when the best memories are made.

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6. Pick Fruit
This is another date that depends on location and season, but it’s worth researching if you think there might be opportunities in your area. This kind of date is perfect for taking really cute pictures, especially if you’re far enough in your relationship to be sending out festive holiday cards and updates. And even better, when the date ends you get to take home delicious fresh fruit.

7. Take A Class
There are hundreds of different classes available for couples to take, from cooking to dancing to improv. Taking a class together is a fun way to learn something new while also having fun together. While taking the class, one of you might find that you have a talent that you had never realized you possessed, and you’re likely to laugh at the awkwardness of trying something new. Either way, you’ll be having fun and making memories.

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But more important than where you go or what you do is who you do these things with, and how you document all the fun times you’re having and the memories you’re making together. Don’t forget to take pictures and videos, the new Polaroid Cube is perfect to capture your unique dates, and keep them as a reminder of how much fun your relationship has been.

What about YOU? What are some unique dates that you and your spouse or significant other like to do?

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  1. I like this list because the dates really are unique!!! They are all things that I honestly wouldn’t have normally thought about doing 🙂

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