Perfect Picnic Day Date

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Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that matter the most. While, I love doing the “dinner and a movie” type of dates, often it’s fun to get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine! While a picnic can be kind of a low-key date, it may just be the best thing you do this year to relax, rest, and enjoy time together with your spouse.

Perfect Picnic Day Date

3 Ways to Have the Perfect Picnic

1. Find a Picnic Spot
Here in Colorado, there are so many beautiful areas to have a picnic. We have the view of the mountains and let me tell you, it’s absolutely breath-taking!

While not everyone has that view, there are beautiful places all over. Find your perfect picnic spot with the National Park Service’s Find a Park (available for all 50 states). Not able to leave the house? Have a picnic in your backyard or even in your own living room!

2. Pack Your Picnic Food
While each couple will be different, you will want to pack foods that will be easy to eat, and that both of you will like. Here are my favorite picnic picks to get you started!

picnic day date

3. Plan Your Day.
Picnics don’t have to be boring! Plan your day out with these fun ideas of things to do during your date.

  • Go for a walk or hike. Don’t be afraid to take each other’s hands and go explore the area around you.
  • Write down 10 things you love about each other. This is a great way to show how you care. Write down your 10 things privately and then switch lists to read what your spouse wrote.
  • Watch the sunrise or sunset. If possible, arrive for your picnic early and watch the sunrise, or stay late to watch the sunset. Take a picture to remember your time together.
  • Reminisce over old photos or letters. I don’t know about you, but I kept all the letters my husband and I wrote to each other. I have a box of them and I would love to look through them someday and just remember what those days were like and be reminded how much we loved each other!
  • Play a board game. Bring your favorite board game to play after your picnic lunch. This can be a great way to have fun together and reconnect!
  • Listen to music, a podcast, or an audio book together. Listening to something together is a great way to grow together. You can even have your favorite song or some of the songs that were played at your wedding available to dance to!
  • Make a time capsule and bury it. Create a time capsule full of things about yourselves and your relationship. Bury it nearby and mark the spot so you can remember to open it in years to come.
  • Exchange gifts or surprise your spouse with flowers. Surprise your spouse with a heart-felt gift or a beautiful bouqet of flowers from ProFlowers.com. Below are the flowers I received as a gift.



What do YOU think? Is this a date you could see you and your spouse going on? What’s your favorite part? For more date ideas or to see ProFlowers’ 30 Day Relationship Challenge, click below.

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