You are More Than Just a Facebook Post

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On social media, we all put on masks. We put on our best face and we move forward despite what we have going on in our lives. In the sea of posts that flood your newsfeed, each person can look like just another Facebook post.

But behind those social media updates, there are real people. People who are hurting, who are lonely, or who feel like they have to keep it all together in order to appear strong.

They may not put it all out on social media, but they are there. Their Facebook post is just one moment in time and each person behind that post has a story to tell. Do we care to hear more of the story?

You are More Than Just a Facebook Post

Each Facebook Post Has a Story to Tell. What’s Your Story?

To the one who’s nervous about the birth of her first child and being a new mom… you can do it! Everything will fall into place and you will be a great first-time mom. Just wait and see.

To the one who’s missing her baby due to stillbirth, miscarriage, or something else… I see you and I hurt with you. I know you’re trying to put on a brave face, but I have not forgotten. I still pray for you, I still think about you and your little one.

To the one believing the lies about herself and her beauty… Don’t believe it. Stop believing it today. You don’t have to buy into those lies, you are better than that. You are beautiful inside and out, you will always be beautiful to me.

To the one who is heartbroken… It’s okay. Take time to grieve and to heal. Don’t second-guess yourself or live in the past. When you’re ready to, move on and find joy and happiness in the future.

To the one who is lonely… Maybe you’re missing your family, your spouse, or a friend. Maybe you don’t have any friends, or you’re alone in a new place. Can I encourage you? Take time to reach out. Reach out to those around you, to the ones you never imagined you’d be friends with.

Tell someone you’re lonely. Don’t keep it to yourself. Afterward, you’ll be so glad you did and you might just make a new friend in the process!

To the one who feels like they have to be perfect… It’s so tiring to have to try and be perfect all the time. Don’t wear yourself out in this way. No one is perfect, not even you, and the longer you keep trying the longer you will feel lost and alone.

Give yourself grace. Give yourself a break. You are not perfect, and yet you are still loved. Reflect on that.

To the one contemplating suicide… You are loved. You matter. You may be going through something that seems unbearable, but please, please, don’t let go. I’m here, I will listen, I will help, I will pray. You’re not alone, ask for help, don’t wait. You are wanted. The world needs you.

To the one crying in a hospital room… Maybe you are begging God to save yourself, your spouse, or your child. Maybe you are overwhelmed with what the doctors are telling you. Whatever the reason, I am there. I may not physically be there, but I am there with you, feeling your pain.

Allow me to join you so that I can share your burden. You don’t always have to put on a brave face. It’s okay to cry, to grieve, or to fear. Just know that when you are ready, I am here and I can help.

To the one who’s trying to be brave even though she has cancer… I see you there trying to keep it all together. You still have to push through each day to be “mom” and “wife” even though you are sick. You are strong. You are brave. You don’t have to do it all. Take a break. Take a nap. And know that this is your time to heal. Everything else can wait.

To the one worried about her child’s future… you may be grieving a teenager’s decision, or maybe you’re grieving the milestones that you know will never happen for your child. You worry about your their future. Will they have a future? Will they make the right decisions? Did I do a good job raising them? Can I just say… They will and you did.

No matter what the future holds they will be okay. It may not be easy, but mama, you did a good job. You taught, and you cared, and you were there. Even if your child doesn’t see it now, they will in the future.

To the one who is hurting behind the smile… you post selfies with big smiles, but behind those smiles, you are hurting. You lost a job, a friend, or an opportunity. You are worried and anxious. You feel like there’s nothing left for you to give.

My friend, you are beautiful and you are brave. The fact that you can still smile is a testament to you. You are amazing and you will make it. Just keep on smiling, keep on pushing through.

To the one who needs help and won’t ask for it… It’s a dangerous game to not ask for help. Humbling ourselves and being vulnerable is one of the hardest things, but also one of the most rewarding.

You may be scared. You may think you will be judged, but what you don’t know is that those people – your friends, your family- they are waiting for you to ask for help. They want to help but don’t know how. Let it all go, and today, ask for help. It may be the turning point that changes your life.

To the one whose marriage is crumbling… I think a lot of us have been there. You may feel alone, you may feel like you need to hide the fact that your marriage is falling apart from your friends and family, but you may be surprised at how many understand the place you’re at right now.

Many marriages go through ups and downs, through hard times. Take the time to confide in a close friend or a counselor, ask for help with your marriage. Sometimes even when you feel there’s nothing left to your relationship, there is still plenty left. There’s still healing left to do. There is still grace and mercy and forgiveness.

To the one wanting to leave Christianity… It’s okay to be mad at God right now. It’s okay to take a step back and ask God why. But don’t give up on Him just yet.

You may be surprised at what amazing things He has in store for you even if it doesn’t seem like it now. You need Jesus, no matter how much you don’t think so right now.

YOU are so much more than just a Facebook post. You matter. You are loved. You are wanted. Don’t give up. There’s still so many who want to hear your story.

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