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6 Christmas Books for Military Kids

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There are a lots of ways to make Christmas fun and to teach kids about Christmas and the entire winter season. One of these ways is through the love of reading! While Christmas and winter are a fun time in a child’s life, it can sometimes be sad and disappointing time for a military child if their parent is deployed.

To make this special season even more memorable, here are several Christmas books that are perfect for reading to your military child. Make it even more fun with a Christmas book countdown: unwrap and read one book each day until Christmas!

6 Christmas Books for Military Kids

Winter and Christmas Books for Military Kids

1. The Night Santa Got Lost: How NORAD Saved Christmas
This book is delightful little story written in a similar manner to the famous, “The Night Before Christmas” poem. This five-star children’s book is a delight to read with the whole family and was especially fun reading it as a military family!

Storyline: When Santa gets lost in a blizzard on Christmas Eve, it takes the U.S. military to help him finish the job!

2. Christmas From Heaven: The True Story of the Berlin Candy Bomber
Based on a true story, this story is sure to delight and charm military and non-military families alike!

Storyline: Gail Halvorsen is a young pilot in the US Army Air Corps during World War II. As he performed his duties, he began to notice the German children gathered by the fences of the base he was at. Knowing these children had very little an idea began to form. This idea later made him famous and a hero.

3. Christmas in the Trenches
Based on the true story of the Christmas truce of 1914, this moving book is perfect way to teach children that even with your enemies you can have peace, even if it is only for a short while.

Storyline: After Christmas dinner, Grandpa tells Thomas and Nora about his unforgettable Christmas Eve as a young soldier back in 1914, when German and Allied soldiers stopped fighting and came together to celebrate the holiday.

4. The Soldier’s Night Before Christmas or The Navy’s Night Before Christmas
These two books for Army and Navy families depict Clement C. Moore’s classic yuletide poem with the same tale, “Twas the night before Christmas…” with a military touch!

Storyline: This story, written for military families, is about a visit from “the Santa of Sailors” or “the Santa of Soldiers” to those who can’t be home for Christmas.

5. Christmas in America
The latest in a series about Ellis the Elephant, this adorable story teaches children a little bit about America and patriotism.

Storyline: Ellis discovers the meaning of Christmas and learns how this special holiday has been celebrated throughout American history.

6. Winter is Here!
Written by a veteran and military spouse, Winter is Here! is the perfect book to show your child the wonder of the winter season.

Storyline: Bake cookies, sled on the freshly fallen snow, explore nature as it sleeps for the winter, and take a fresh breath of frosty air as you and your family cuddle together and experience the joy of winter through reading.

What are YOUR favorite winter or Christmas books for military kids?

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