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How NORAD Saved Christmas

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How NORAD Saved Christmas

Before I get started on telling you about this cute little book, first I would like to say that we decided not to do Santa Claus with our son. First, he is too little to understand this year, and second, I don’t really see it as a necessary thing to do each Christmas. I didn’t grow up with it, and I don’t feel like I missed out. However, I don’t think Santa is bad, I think it is a cute story (similar to a fairytale) and I don’t mind reading my son stories like this one with that premise in mind.

How NORAD saved ChristmasThe book, The Night Santa Got Lost: How NORAD Saved Christmas is delightful little story written in a similar manner to the famous, “The Night Before Christmas.” This five-star children’s book is a delight to read with the whole family and was especially delightful reading it as a military family! Storyline: When Santa gets lost in a blizzard on Christmas Eve, it takes the U.S. military to help him finish the job!

I read this book to my son last night, and enjoyed the way it rhymed and flowed. My son enjoyed the bright, colorful pictures and illustrations and I enjoyed reading about the military’s plan of action! I really liked that the book included all service members and branches and that no one was left out in helping Santa!

At the end of the book there are multiple pages given to the history and traditions of NORAD and some of the other military organizations mentioned in the book. It also includes a section called “Christmas in Military History” which I really enjoyed reading. I think this book is a real treasure for all, especially for military families!
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4d2rgEMQbo]

From the Book: “In case you were wondering, NORAD is a very real and very important defense operation. NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) is a joint United States and Canadian military organization. NORAD monitors the air and space over North America to detect and warn of any danger to North America from Aircraft, missiles, or satellites. NORAD’s job is non-stop and involves using a worldwide system of sensors-radar, satellites, and aircraft-to accomplish its very important mission. NORAD’s headquarters are located at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado.” www.norad.mil

To find out more about this book or to watch NORAD track Santa, click here:

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  1. We’ve decided that when we have kids we will tell them Santa isn’t real but it’s OK to pretend. Kids pretend with their toy soldiers and Barbie dolls, so why can’t they pretend Santa is real??? After all, I’m 20 years old and STILL love to get my picture taken with Santa! (No, I don’t sit on his lap) LOL I’m totally like Peter Pan! Ha! Merry Christmas Eve!!!

    1. Ha! I really like that idea I think that’s a great compromise. 🙂 That’s funny I want to see the picture of you with Santa! 😉 Merry Christmas thanks for commenting girl!

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