5 Ways to Support and Help Veterans

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We all want to do our part for the men and women who have fought in wars and fell on hard times afterwards. But sometimes it’s hard to know what you can do to help them best. Here are some top ideas that you could try and do to help veterans.

5 Ways to Support and Help Veterans

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1. Buy Small Things From Veteran Charities
There are many veteran’s charities that sell products. The funds that are raised then go towards trying to help veterans who have come back from wars. Even buying small items that don’t cost very much money can make a difference. So, when you need to buy Christmas and birthday cards, why not buy them from a local charity that helps veterans. It’s something that everyone can do. It doesn’t cost you any extra money that you would otherwise spend, but it’s going towards a good cause.

2. Help at Homeless Shelters that Support Homeless Veterans
Unfortunately, the homeless problem among veterans is a big problem. This is a sad fact, but there are things you can do to help. There are many homeless shelters. Some of them are general shelters that aim to help all homeless people including veterans. And there are other homeless shelters that specifically aim to help veterans that now are homeless. Helping out at these shelters can be very rewarding as you can have a real impact on making these people’s lives better.

3. Buy From Companies that Help Veterans
There are many mainstream ordinary companies and brands that donate some of their profits to charities. Buying from these companies is a good way to make sure that some of your money is put to good use. There are clothing companies that sell military items that then donate money to charities to help veterans, for example. You can also get small souvenir items associated with the military, such as marine corps challenge coins. Give it a try next time you’re looking to buy something!

4. Give Your Time to Home Building Projects
When veterans are injured in wars, their needs change when they come home. Some of them need to live in homes that have been specially adapted to their new needs and circumstances. So, why not give your time to help build new homes for these people? There are many charities that help to adapt and build homes for veterans with injuries and disabilities. Even giving a few hours of your time can make a big difference and really help veterans out in their hour of need.

5. Leave a Donation in Your Will
Not all of us can afford to make large donations to charities. This is understandable, but you could leave a donation in your will. When you’re no longer around, you won’t need it. So, giving that money to a charity that is dedicated to helping veterans create a better life for themselves is a great idea. It’s a selfless act, and it could help veterans a lot. Obviously, you’ll hope that the donation doesn’t come into effect anytime soon. But it’s a good way to make sure that some of your money goes to a worthy cause.

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What about YOU? What are some ways you’ve tried to help veterans? Have you done any of the things above?

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  1. Excellent list of ways to help. Finding a way to support homeless veterans, whether through volunteering at a shelter or helping build homes, goes a long way toward helping them get back on their feet so that they can further re-establish themselves into civilian life. Thanks for sharing!

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