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Marriage: “Us Against the World”

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us against the world

“What do women want most from their husbands? The assurance that hand-and-hand we’ll face the best and worst that life has to offer-together.” – Dr. James Dobson

I saw this quote recently in my Facebook newsfeed and thought it so described how I felt about the current state of my marriage. If you have been following my blog for awhile then you know a lot of the things my family and I have been through. Miscarriage, health problems, finding out our son has special needs, a seven month deployment, and more!

Through it all my husband and I have had our ups and downs. We are not perfect. We have our arguments (especially when we are both stressed), we have our moments of weaknesses where our flesh takes over and the ugliness comes out. But through it all, we have faced it together. Every moment we did together, hand-in-hand. Somehow we have gotten through things that most people would have given up on long ago.

Now with a newborn in the house, the past few weeks have been stressful. We’ve had times of high stress, exhaustion, and times where we just had to look at each other and laugh because there was just really nothing else for us to do. It’s then that I realized it’s “us against the world.” Just me and my husband, doing this called life, raising a family, and figuring it out together.

I’ve realized it’s not just women who want that assurance that “hand-and-hand we’ll face the best and worst that life has to offer,” it’s men too. My husband needs to know that it’s us together facing the world and everything this crazy life has to offer with God’s help. No one else can give him that assurance but me.

So I guess my encouragement to you today is: don’t give up. Show your spouse that it’s you and him together, that nothing else matters. That through it all you will get through whatever comes your way hand-in-hand. Because sometimes that’s all you can do.


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  1. This reminds me ot he Brad Paisely song, “lost but holding hands” – and it makes me smile. Knowing God brought us together and is in this with us helps us stick even better together when life gets rough. Praying blessing for you, for peace, joy and supportive community during all these challenges!

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