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I don’t usually blog on the weekends, because I usually try to take those days off to catch up on  everything else, BUT today I have two important announcements I wanted to share with you.

Looking for Guest Posts
I am going to be traveling to visit family in just a few days. I will be staying with them for a month and I am not sure how much time I am going to have for blogging during that time. So I am looking for guest posts from YOU!  Please submit a post to me at singingthroughtherain(at)gmail.com. I will review it and get back to you. Please make sure to include with it:

  1. Your name.
  2. A link to your site.
  3. A short bio about yourself.
  4. A picture of yourself.
  5. A picture to go with your post – if you don’t submit one, I will choose one for you. *optional*

I need at least two posts before the 13th, more if possible. If you are wondering what to write about you can write about some of the same topics I
do: God, marriage family, and military life. You can also branch out on one of your own, I am open to almost anything! Just remember to be fun, be creative, be honest, and be yourself!

Advertising Announcement:
Back in August I announced a special in advertising prices until the end of the year. Well there are only 21 days left until the end of the year and until these prices change. In January, everything will be changing around. I am excited to announce I am in the process of creating a media kit and will be adding some new options for advertising rates. It’s going to be great! So don’t miss out! Take advantage of the special prices going on now until December 31st.

Prices are as follows:

Option 1:
One 125×125 graphic ad for one month for $5.

Option 2:
One 125×125 graphic ad for three months for $10.

Both options include a introductory blog post showcasing your business or blog. At the end of the month(s) you will have the option of continuing your advertisement with either option 1 or option 2 or canceling. Email me for more details: singingthroughtherain(at)gmail.com.


Bonus Announcement:

I am so excited to share with you a new giveaway that will be coming soon. Shabby Apple contacted me and I will be giving away one of their dresses on my blog! I am so excited because I have always loved their stuff!  That giveaway will be coming soon, so stay-tuned. In the meantime, check out the Shabby Apple website: www.shabbyapple.com/.

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