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My Pregnancy: Week 32 and My Baby Shower

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This picture is from last week at week 32, and today I am officially week 33! Hard to believe time has flown by so fast, and a lot has happened this past week!

Braxton Hicks Contractions
I had my first braxton hicks contractions on Thursday. I wasn’t sure what it was at first, and so I texted my friend to make sure. I was having an achy, period like feeling in my back that came in and went in waves. They only lasted a little while, but that was the first I had had anything like it! It kind of made me nauseous, and it made me wonder why they were in my back instead of my stomach. Hopefully I will not have back labor!

I finally have gotten the dreaded swelling. I tried to put on some closed-toed shoes on Sunday for church, and realized that my feet were too swollen to fit! Then on Monday I woke up and was washing my hands and realized my hands were pretty swollen too! It’s not really funny, but I almost wanted to laugh at how silly my feet looked!

Baby Shower
This past weekend was my baby shower. My two good friends Ashley and Brandi threw me a wonderful shower and I was a very lucky girl! The party was duck themed and was super cute!

The Food


The Cake

The Delicious Punch!

The Diaper Game
Guest had to guess which kind of candy was in each diaper, and trust me it looked so real!!

How big is my belly?
Guests had to guess how many sheets of Toilet paper it would take to go around my belly! I think it was 11!

My mother and grandmother could not make it since they live about 6 hours away, so my friend Brandi was nice enough to set up skype so they could watch the entire shower, as if they were there! In the picture she is showing them the cake!

Baby Quilt
I got a a ton of amazing and wonderful gifts, and I will not put a picture of all of them, butthis quilt was hand stitched by Jon’s grandmother. You can’t see it in the picture, but Adam’s name is stitched at the bottom!

And last but not least, me at the party. I had a lot of fun, and was very blessed to have dear friends and family there!

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  1. Great pictures, great shower ! You're gorgeous and Adam is growing really fast :)I still remember the very first time I read about your pregnancy a few months ago!

    God bless you, mommy =)


  2. you are the cutest preggo lady ever! my belly is already huge, haha, but yours is adorable 🙂 i know you must be getting SO excited about Adam's arrival…i can hardly wait for my baby boy's! glad you got to have an awesome shower! take care girl!!!

  3. What a beautiful shower you had and that quilt is a beautiful heirloom!
    Many blessings for a healthy delivery!

  4. I agree – I don't think I ever looked as wonderful pregnant! And Skype! I love it! How wonderful you got to share your shower with your grandmother! Be blessed! I am so happy for you!(I always loved being pregnant)

  5. I'm sorry I haven't been by in awhile! Life is so crazy! But the semester is almost over. Thank goodness.

    You look SO cute! I love your baby belly. 🙂 It looks like you had a fun shower! The cake is super cute. And how sweet of your friend to set up the webcam so your mom and grandma could "be there".

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