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Elizabeth’s Birth Story

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I’m so excited to finally share the birth story of my little girl, Elizabeth! It’s been a little over two weeks since she’s been born, and it’s been quite the roller coaster ride, but I have been enjoying each and every moment inspite of how tired I am!

Birth Story

The day before I went to the hospital for my c-section, was a busy day. My mom arrived and we went over the schedule for my son since she would be taking care of him. I went to the hospital for my pre-op blood work and registration and finished up packing. It was a nerve-wracking day! You can see my thoughts about the day before she was born here: The Day Before You.

The next morning, we got up around 5:30 am. We had to be at the hospital about 6:30 am and I believe it or not I had slept very well, and was now wide awake and ready to go! We got everything ready and headed to the hospital. It was a peaceful drive and although I was a little nervous I was at peace and so excited.

It took awhile to get everything prepped and ready. There was a lot of waiting to be done. My husband rested, and I watched tv and played with my phone as nurses came in and out of the room.

waiting at the hospital

Finally, they told me it was time. We had been at the hospital almost four hours already and I was so ready to meet my little girl! They had already come back and explained to me what was going to happen. I am so thankful for awesome nurses who listened and cared enough to talk me through all my anxieties about what was to come.

They walked me to the operating room and that was when my stomach dropped. Up until this point I had been at peace and I am so thankful for all the people who told me they were praying for me. I mentioned something to the nurses about never seeing an operating room before, just what I’ve seen on tv. They laughed. It was super cold inside and I started shivering.

They put in my spinal and from there everything went pretty quick. The doctor came in, nurses were all over and a cover was drawn up right to my face. I mentioned something about being ready to get sick, and the nurse by my side gave me something that quickly fixed that! My husband came in shortly after and held my hand. And before I knew it the nurse was telling me the doctor had already started.


I was really shocked at how little I felt, and also surprised at the amount of pushing on me they did to get baby girl out, but out she came and the first thing I heard was how much hair she had! I wanted to see so bad, and after cleaning her up and weighing her they brought her over to me for a few minutes. I was just shocked at the amount of hair and also so happy to see my beautiful baby girl.

After that they whisked her away to the nursery and my husband had to go with them. The rest of the surgery took longer than I thought it would and I was so anxious to be done. Later, I found out that the doctor was going extra slow because he had a student/trainee with him. After they finished sewing me up, I was whisked off to a recovery room where they monitored me and waited for a room to open up upstairs. I kept asking to see my baby and finally they brought her to me in recovery.

baby and me

 The rest of the time went by fast after that. My mom and my son, Adam came to visit several times, and several friends came too. Adam has done great adjusting to the new baby so far and just adores his little sister! I love seeing them together it has just been so precious!

birth story

PicMonkey Collage 1 PicMonkey Collage2I am so thankful for my baby girl and my little family. God has certainly blessed us!

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  1. Oh shes so cute! My fav is the last pic of Elizabeth. Glad everything went well and you guys are still doing well.

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