Highland Call

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Well it’s time for another book review! I am slowly getting some more reading time in now, and hope to be doing some more books soon. Highland Call takes place in England and Scotland – one of the reasons why I chose to read it, as I love books set in the highlands of Scotland and also books set in Ireland.

Highland CallPublished: March 1, 1999
Book Description:
When Great Britain declares war on France, Napoleon orders the arrest of all British men on French soil, including Selena Delaroe’s twin brother Nicholas.All attempts to secure his freedom fail. By 1811 he has been detained for eight years. When the French threaten to kill him, Selena agrees to spy for them to keep her brother alive, though she is a Christian and loyal to England. The British government asks Gabriel Macpherson to help them determine whether or not she is working for Napoleon. Soon after Gabriel becomes the manager of her country estate, he falls in love with Selena, believing God has chosen her for him. When he learns she is a French spy, he must choose between his heart and loyalty to his country — or trust God to turn an impossible situation into one of honor and hope.”

My Rating:

Highland Call: A Review

My Review:
This is my first time reading a book by Sharon Gillenwater, and I found Highland Call to be a delightful read! The storyline is different and it draws you in, and the characters are real. I loved that there were so many different characters in the book, and that we got to see into their lives and learn about them. Although, I found out there was a first book that accompanied this book, this book can definitely stand alone.

One thing I did not like about this book, was how much background was given in the beginning. At times I felt that book was slowed down because of all the details, but as I kept reading it definitely picked up a bit, and I see that the author was just setting the scene. I also wished the author wrote a little bit more about the character’s relationship with Christ, there were some references to it, but not as much as I would have liked.

Selena Delaroe is a spy for Napoleon, but not by choice she is being forced to spy for him and against England because they are holding her twin brother Nicholas in prison. When Gabriel Macpherson, a Scot sees Selena for the first time, he falls in love. But he does not meet her until one year later, when he decides to spy for the government and determine if she really is a spy or not. When the couple meet, sparks fly and they soon fall in love. But what Gabriel discovers is not what he wanted to find, now he must decide to help Selena or be called a traitor to his country as well. What will he do?

An added bonus in this story is the added storyline of Selena’s brother Nicholas and Adrienne. I loved reading about them and how they fell in love. Altogether, a great story, and one I will recommend to others!

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About the Author:

“Sharon grew up on Thompson’s Ranch in the Rolling Plains of West Texas, near Colorado City. Her father was ranch foreman, and her parents lived there for over fifty years. The six thousand acre ranch provided pasture for Hereford cattle and an occasional Texas Longhorn, as well as fields of grain and grass to feed the stock and the primary crop, cotton. Love and marriage took Sharon across the country to state of Washington, but Texas is still dear to her heart.
Her books are honest down home love stories with laughter, conflict and sometimes tragedy that carries the reader along. The power of God working in the lives of the main characters is always evident as is their relationship to Him.
As she did in Love Song, Antiques and Texas Tender, she again brings you the wonderful people, small towns and West Texas region she loves in Jenna’s Cowboy, Emily’s Chance and a to be named third book in the Callahans of Texas series.
For Sharon, writing romance novels is a ministry. God has given her the talent to write, and she uses it to serve Him. She depends on Him to give her stories that will inspire, heal, entertain and bring her readers closer to Jesus.”

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  1. I've never heard of this book. I may have to check it out soon. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the review and suggestion! I would HIGHLY recommend the Yada Yada Prayer Group series by Neta Jackson, anything by Francine Rivers!

  3. Great reminder to send you a copy of We Snap in Silence. I'll send it with Jaylan's package of cookies to you this week.

    That tummy is getting big and beautiful!! Pregnant women are so beautiful to me.

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