Search Me, Oh God

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Search me, Oh GodRecently a situation in my life has caused me to ask the question, “Is it me?” Have you ever wondered that to yourself? You wonder if it’s you or someone else or maybe even something else, or you may even ask, “What is wrong with me?” It has become a point of frustration with me because I would just like to know for sure, is it me or is it them?

After being so frustrated again by my recent situation, I turned to the Bible, and read this verse:Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. It made me think, how often do we ask God to search our hearts and to show us things we are doing wrong? If you are like me, probably not very often. It is something I definitely need to do more, and something I think needs to be done. If we know what we are doing wrong then we can fix it, and try not to do it again!

Most people do not think to do this because they want to blame everyone around them. It’s not me it’s you, it’s not me it’s…. and whatever else it is becomes the subject of blame. To me, it’s a pretty cool to think that David thought to ask God to search his heart. Here is one of the most righteous men in the Bible, and he is asking God to search him for wickedness in his heart. Pretty humbling if you ask me!

So even though I was frustrated by what had been going on, I asked God to search my heart. I want to know what I am doing wrong so I can fix it and get right with God. Even if you think that it may be everyone else and not you that there is a problem with, ask God to search your heart. You may be surprised with what He finds!


  1. Search me, O God, and know my heart;
    Try me and know my thoughts;
    And see if there be any wicked way in me;
    Lead me in the way, lead me in the way,
    Lead me in the way everlasting.
  2. You have searched me;
    You have known me;
    My downsitting, my uprising;
    You understand my thoughts from afar;
    You know all my ways,
    You know all my ways.
    (Two parts can be sung simultaneously)


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  1. It's horrible how often I do that — just sit and wonder "did I do something?" or "what did I do?", spinning my wheels instead of just asking God. He can let me know what I did or said, or if it's nothing and not even worth stressing over.

  2. What a great reminder! To be still before God, asking Him to search my heart, is something I need to do more often.

  3. I can completely understand. My mom is in town and we do not really get along. She isn't a Christian and sees things very differently than I do. To top it off… we have a personality clash. I do know that yes… most of the time she is wrong about what she says or does but that my attitude towards her is wrong too. God keeps reminding me that it doesn't matter what she says or does… she doesn't belong to Him but I however DO belong to Him and my attitude should be that of Christ. —Ouch— Thank you so much for this post!

  4. Yes getting those feeling and questioning yourself can become so overwhelming. I sometimes just go to church and sit and pray. It's there where I find peace and it's almost like you get an answer 🙂

  5. I've always had the opposite problem– I usually turn the blame inward, and let it fester and reside there until I am utterly disgusted with myself. I have always been a type-A person, which I think is why I take personal shortfalls– and the shortcomings of others, as well– so hard. Sometimes, it's best to acknowledge that NOBODY is to blame.

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  6. Great post! Just found myself in a situation that required me to ask God to search me a few weeks ago… such a needed thing…

  7. Chin up my friend. You're doing the right thing…leaning on the One who won't let you down. Keep your heart open to whatever God pours inside!

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