Lanterns and Lace

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Diann Mills, is one of those authors you do not hear about much, but that does not mean she does not write exceptional books! I started reading her books awhile ago, and have come to find a great author who I continue to love. Lanterns and Lace – book 2# in the Texas Legacy Series is no exception! Read on to find out more…

lanterns and lace

Published: Sept. 1, 2006

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“Jenny Stevens is headed for Kahlerville, Texas, determined to wrench her two-year-old niece, Rebecca, from her adoptive father. As she steps off the train, Jenny encounters the mysterious Robert Turner and the seemingly dedicated physician Grant Andrews. Is Jenny’s life as well as her heart in peril? Grant Andrews is resolute in his desire to keep Rebecca in his care, yet finds himself drawn to her impudent aunt. Will another man’s threat and the issue of Rebecca’s custody keep him from pursuing what could be the love of his life? Will Robert Turner dog Jenny’s steps until she succumbs to his demands? Love flowers as devious plots thicken.” –

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Jenny Stevens comes to the town of Kahlerville, Texas determined to find out more about her sister’s death, and to take her sister’s child, Rebecca home with her. She is not prepared to meet resistance, as the town’s doctor, Dr. Grant Andrews has custody of Rebecca and is not willing to give her up. The longer she stays in this small town, the more she learns about herself, and the events surrounding her sister’s death. As she comes to love Rebecca her niece as her own, and Dr. Andrews, she also finds herself in danger from her sister’s old fiance. As she works with the people of the town to unravel the mystery her sister left behind, she also finds Christ who changes her life, and maybe even some the decisions she has to make.

I really loved this story, because of how different it was. Lanterns and Lace is definitely an involved story with mystery, intrigue, danger, and love. Although there are a few things in the book I rolled my eyes at a bit because of how corny they were or because I felt the author repeated herself, it did not take away from the story. Diann Mills has added a wonderful second book to this series!

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